Brody Jenner Wants Dad Bruce to Divorce Stepmom Kris Jenner

Brody Jenner joined the Kardashian clan this year on the hit TV show, after years of wisely keeping his distance -- and cementing his own fame on The Hills. But he joined the cast ostensibly to finally get to see more of his dad, Bruce Jenner, who he probably wasn't going to see otherwise. But he may already regret it, as he's run straight up against the cyclopean force known as Kris Jenner, his stepmom. As the show has revealed, the two aren't exactly close, and Brody blames Kris for his distant relationship with his dad. In fact, he supposedly would prefer they get a divorce.

A source tells RadarOnline about Brody:

[He] wishes his dad would just divorce Kris. Bruce and Kris are leading separate lives and don’t even share a bedroom together anymore. He has been spending a lot of time at his Malibu rental without Kris. Brody wants to be closer to his dad, but it’s very hard with Kris in the picture, because she always has to make everything about her.

Woah. While Brody might be right that Bruce and Kris should divorce, he better just stay away from that one. Ain't nobody on this Earth gonna win a fight with Kris Jenner. Except maybe TV critics, who are panning her new talk show.

Brody apparently blames Kris's interference for the fact that he grew up not ever seeing his dad. The source says:

Kris wouldn’t let Bruce spend time with Brody and Brandon when they were young because it would be time kept away from her, and when Kris became pregnant with Kendall and Kylie, the boys hardly ever saw their father. Kris is very persistent and used to getting what she wants, and Brody and Brandon suffered because of it.

While it's tempting to blame the new wife (Brody's mom is Jenner's ex, Linda Thompson) for a father shirking his parental responsibilities, the fact is that Bruce is an adult who could have stood up for himself. This man was an Olympic champion -- surely he could get past Kris to see his sons if he truly wanted to.

It's interesting to see how supermom Kris wasn't much of a stepmom to Brody and Brandon. Considering how she has micromanaged her six children into superstardom, you would have thought she could have spared a few moments to bond with Bruce's other kids, especially considering how Bruce took on Kris's four kids from her first marriage as if they were his own.

But I can't say I'm surprised by anything Kris does. I'm rooting for Brody to reconnect with Bruce and for Bruce to see the light, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

Do you think Bruce and Kris will divorce?


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Cooks... Cookster792

I feel bad for Brandon and Brody. Also Burt and Casey his son and daughter from his first marriage.

Maybe they don't want to be a part of this fiasco.  Kris is shrewd and money hungry.  I don't know if

Bruce can afford to divorce her.

nonmember avatar stella

Divorce is too much red-tape. Best to just have his own home, some freedom from that whack job and all the money he needs. That egotist has no time for him anyway. Bruce, grow some manhood.

Laura J. Richardson

Bruce is a man who could have done things differently, had he chosen to do so. He is not married to his son, who shouldn't be trying to drive his grown self between a man and a wife. Get a life Brody.

nonmember avatar Me

I understand her making it harder for him and getting on the way but he is still more to blame. He is his own person in the end. Even without this news I would love if he left her. Kris is a horrid person. She is so selfish and sick. He seemed like a decent guy until this stuff about his ignoring his kids surfaced. I can't see how they even found each other attractive to begin with. He seems to have a heart and she... She's something else, in a bad way.

tuscani tuscani

I don't think Bruce will divorce Kris simple because he seems not to have the Keyhones to do so. Kids from a prior marriage come first. They did not ask to be brought into this world. He had them..He needs to take responsibility for them. Even though they may be adults it doesn't matter...not if he was not there for most of there critical growing up years. Most of us whom come from healthy backgrounds want our parents in ar lives always. Just because we grow older and have children of our own does not mean we don't need or miss them. I certainly hope my children who are no in their 20's and 30's don't forget about me. I would never try to control their lives....but I want to be part of it and more importantly I want them to want me to be part of it.. Children always need their a healthy situation..maybe even more so in an unhealthy one. A spouse should not stand in the way of that.

Christine Hunter

It's not Kris's fault that Bruce was not the father that Brody and his kids thought he should have been. The anger that Brody has for Kris Kardashian is really nerve wrecking. Damn he's just so negative. You are a grown man now. Suck it up and go on. You want people in your life, but everytime you open up your mouth it's how you did'nt get this or that. How you were left out of the family vacation. My father was not in our lives and when he did reappear he was much older and sick. I made sure that when he died I did as he asked. When he left I was 4 years old. He showed by in my life around 25 years later. Of course he tried to blame my mother, but like I told him that was between him and my mom. I knew if he wanted to be apart of our lives he could have, but he did'nt. And we madeit.Life might not be what you want it to be, or how you thought it should have been. Just be thankful for now and enjoy. Repair your relationship with Kris and stop blaming her for what was your fathers responsibility. And another thing Kris is the mother of the Kardashians as well as Kendall and Kylie and if you don't want to ailienate them I'd get a grip. Good Luck Been There.

tuscani tuscani

Kris may not be all to blame.. I sure think she has him whipped. That IS HIS FAULT..and for that his son should blame him. However, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Kris can be pretty manipulating. Again, that does not excuse Bruce from not stepping the hell up.... But I know having adult children that they always need you and want you...That is if they love you and have a good relationship with you...If your kids are eager to up and leave as soon as they turn 18 with nary a glance....???? Sorry,  I just don't blame his son... He probably missed out all that father time in his childhood. Who is to say. Just because you are "Grown-Up" doesn't mean you don't want the love and attention of your parents. If you don't..then something is amiss in the family unit.


Kris is manipulative and also very controlling. Bruce seems to be so weak around her. How does a man like him go around giving motivational speeches if he cannot motivate himself into being his own person. Who would listen to him. I sure wouldn't. If I were at one of his speeches I would have to call him out on that. I would ask him how he can tell us how to take control of our lives and ambitions if he cannot. Practice what you preach Bruce.

nonmember avatar karenpharr

I think that they ought to take keeping up with the kardashians off the air the show is fake there is nothing real about them. i believe that they only did the show just to make money , and to make poeple like kri humphries look like fool because i dont think that kim really loved kris like she claims to in episode where kim and kris got married her whole family treated real bad. she did not want him moveing his stuff in her house , she didnt even want to move to minnisota where he is from so that proofs that she doesnt really care about or love him like she said i believe that she only used him to gain fame and fortune. take them out of the spot light no one wants hear or see them in the news or on tv anymore

Deidre Ritter

No matter how much of a money hungry monster everyone paints Kris to be, she is not responsible for making sure Bruce has a relationship with his other children. The last time I checked, he made them, so he should keep in touch with them. Even if she was being a needy woman it was Bruce's job to make perfectly clear that he needs to always have room for his children. Brody needs to grow up and stop passing blame. And if he is going o insist on passing it, it should be at Bruce, NOT Kris

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