8 Reasons Teresa Giudice Is the Best TV Villain of All Time

teresa giudiceAnyone who watched the first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey probably had no idea the monster that Teresa Giudice would morph into. She started off as the sweet, affable, and often clueless one of the crew. Then came the table-flipping finale and we got a taste of the real TG. She has since become one of the biggest TV villains of all time, beating out the likes of JR Ewing, Blair Waldorf, Gargamel, and just about every other small-screen evil-doer. In fact, she is way worse. Here's why:

  1. She plays innocent all the while destroying lives. She has tried to ruin her brother's marriage too many times to count.
  2. She's the meanest of all grownup mean girls. Teresa is an emotional menace, calling you names, picking apart your marriage, and poking fun at your looks. 
  3. She loves to spark rumors. Thanks to Teresa, people will always think her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga had a stripper past -- whether it's true or not.
  4. You get the feeling that she isn't above physical violence. She may not have snatched off anyone's weave or slapped anyone just yet, but you know it's coming. This woman is seriously angry when she doesn't get her way.
  5. She uses children as pawns in her evil, twisted game. Her little girls parrot all the nasty comments about other castmembers.
  6. She will never admit when she's wrong.
  7. She is ridiculously territorial. She doesn't even want the other women working out at the same gym.
  8. She will do anything and everything to get her way.

What other reasons is Teresa a TV villain?


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Bethany Theobald

She does have violent tendencies.....remember the reunion show when she shoved Andy Cohen back into his seat when going after Danielle?! He had this look on his face like he couldn't believe he'd just been knocked down by a girl!!

Bee Katt

Watch her in Season 1 and you won't recognize her now. She ~was~ sweeter back then, pre-boob job. The absolute worse thing she does is involve her kids. It's like she's following the Kartrashian school of how to pimp your girls out as media whores. It's AWFUL and Andy Cohen really should limit the air time of all the kids on RHONJ franchises.

Ellen Schueler Wenz

Are we all watching the same show? I agree she is no angel by any shape matter or form. But the crap that is hurled at her! I think she is reacting partially from protecting herself! I agree that there is some truth to some of your reasons you gave, but they sound like this is written from one of the family members of the person who you say is under attack from her. I think this show has many many angels and a he said, she said attitude!

nonmember avatar Suz

The basic concept that Teresa doesn't seem to grasp is that when she says "I would never hurt my brother" but then says mean and hurtful things about his wife, she DOES hurt her brother. Until she gets that through her thick head, their relationship has no chance.

Chrissy Kiely

@Ellen I totally agree with you! Do people NOT notice how manipulative Melissa actually is....? Personally, I can't stand Melissa- I think she's a fake & really enjoys her husband and his sister being at war.

nonmember avatar cass

Obviously this was written by the Whorgas....it is just to plain to see. Try again girls!!!

Trina_ Trina_

Yes Teresa is a mess and comes off as a bully but Melissa really is a gold digger and fake (its so obvious). I think if TG just left her alone, Melissa's true colors would eventually come out for all of America to see.

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

You name one woman on that show is innocent? Not any of them! Everyone has faults, and trouble is one of their strong suits. These rich & famous women have nothing else better to do than dig & scratch at each other! So, if you all want to point fingers, do so at each of them ladies! And their husbands aren't so innocent, either( Except for Caroline's, he's really never on the show much.) If Teresa & Joe Gorga cannot make amends, then that's their personal problem. As for Joe's wife, Melissa, what ever her deceitful ways are under cover, will soon come to surface on their own,

Vivian Cardenas

i couldnt disagree more with the article. Teresa has been bullied by all her "friends" and family members on the show. She has been ridiculed, made fun of, her marriage has been disected by everyone of them. Pretty much everything she has been acussed of doing has been done to her. This article is totally biased.

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