Snooki's Party Animal Past Will Haunt Her Forever

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snooki with baby lorenzo jionniBack when Snooki was a single, minglin' partymeister obsessed with fist-pumping and pounding whatever shots were in sight on the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore -- and of course on the MTV reality show of the same name -- it made sense that the city of Florence might have reservations about allowing Snooki and co. to film the show there. Even a year and a half ago, when the city of Hoboken wasn't keen on the idea of Snooki & JWoww filming there and denied MTV a film permit, I could sort of understand. But now, New Jersey's Berkeley Township is lawyering up to protest filming in the Pelican Island neighborhood ... and it makes absolutely no sense at all.

Apparently, residents think the possibility is a "disgrace" and "fear the show will bring a circus-like atmosphere and will threaten the safety of the homes they are rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Sandy," The Star-Ledger reports. Give me a break. Do they have any idea who Snooki is these days?!

I understand what they're concerned about, but could they also please get with the times? At least judging from her Instagram and Twitter presence, Snooki's done a full Nicole Richie, e.g., gone from clubbin' famemonger to low-key, fashionable, and fit mama-turned-entrepreneur. She's more interested in quiet nights at home with her fiance Jionni and cute-as-a-button baby boy Lorenzo than going out and making a scene. The big excitement in her life is doing hardcore workouts and playing dress-up to take selfies. Gasp! Thus, I have a feeling she's grown up so much that MTV isn't going to be able to turn this season of Snooki & JWoww into a rowdy, drama-filled, raucous 24/7/365 party -- even if they WANTED to! 

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Sure, I could see a town being concerned in general about filming of any sort. Or the reputation their area might get from being labeled "the place where Snooki and JWoww spent their summer vacation." But really, I can't see how it wouldn't have a positive effect! Seems to me it would only serve to make the area a more popular destination, which would help their local economy and rebuilding efforts!

Snooki herself responded to all the brouhaha, taking to Instagram to say:

Unable how (sic) adults are trying to ban my son, fiancé and I from enjoying our summer at the shore. Grow up, get over yourself and move on. This is not how we should be treating one another. Absolutely sick and very sad. I pray for you. There's much bigger things to worry about in life than trying to ban my family from your neighborhood.

Couldn't agree more! Hope Snooki and MTV win this ridiculous fight ... or better yet, find another town to film in that understands that welcoming her with open arms is absolutely NBD these days.

What do you think about this town's efforts to keep Snooki away?

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kelti... kelticmom

Not to mention Nicole and the rest of the cast helped raise thousands of dollars in relief through "Restore the Shore", not to mention JWoww's home in Tom's River was flooded, yet she and Nicole volunteered and gathered up supplies to help out others. And Roger went on his JetSki to help rescue stranded people. These kids got paid to party for a tv show, but they are good people. 

nonmember avatar Opal

This is what happens when you make a public spectacle of yourself for YEARS. Giving birth does not magically change your past and make good, decent people want to have you around.

Trina_ Trina_

This is a hard one to comment on b/c its her own making. I'm sorry she suddenly wants to be a good girl now (allegedly) but she really brought alot of shame and bad press to the NJ area and that is what people are reacting to. Pelican Island is a nice upscale family neighborhood and they are nervous that her show will be another party train-wreck which makes the area look bad--they don't want a repeat of her drunken behavior and constant arrests as seen in Seaside. Would you want that in your neighborhood and around you kids? Be fair and think. For the record I don't think teen MTV viewers want to see Snooki laying on the couch playing with her son (This isn't WeTV), so obviously there is going to be some sort of drama on the show. I personally think she should go back to the shore and leave the baby out of the TV spotlight b/c thats recipe for disaster.

nonmember avatar erin

If she really cared about "changing" she would quit reality tv all together.

nonmember avatar Steffer

I have said this before. This guys got famous for falling down drunk and having sex with random men. Now because she got knocked up she thinks she deserves to go anywhere? They are not stopping her family from enjoying the beach. They are stopping from mtv coming in a ruining another beautiful place. I will tell you since the jersey shore i have not set foot in seaside heights and never will again. Snookers you were a guinea pig for mtv and they are done. People who thought you were cool are grown up now and think your a joke. Go ahead vacation but do it without cameras around. You are not a ceebri get over yourself.

nonmember avatar really

I agree with a couple others here. If she wanted to change she'd quit the reality tv shit all together. I don't care how low key she is now, she spent years building a slutty-party-girl rep, so she's going to have to spend at least years to shed it. I don't feel bad for her. Heck, it wasn't more than two years ago she was cheating on this guy by eating out her best friend and she didn't have the balls to tell him. Poor guy had to witness it on television. NO, I don't feel bad for her at all.

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