Vicki Gunvalson Caught in Bed With 2 People -- Not Once But TWICE?

vicki gunvalsonWhen Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson came out and said that she found Vicki Gunvalson in bed with a man and a woman, I've gotta be honest: I didn't buy it. The way Vicki reacted to the accusations -- and the way Lauri was reacting at Vicki's reaction -- it just didn't seem to piece together properly. But now Lauri is saying that she didn't just catch Vicki in bed with two people once; it actually happened twice.

Lauri, whose passions clearly include taking Vicki Gunvalson down, taking Vicki Gunvalson down, and taking Vicki Gunvalson down, told RumorFix: "I absolutely did see this. There wasn't just one occasion, there were two occasions." Peterson then goes on to detail each of the occasions, and I don't know, you guys, the woman would have to be a complete psycho to make both of these stories up out of thin air. I don't think there was necessarily sex involved, but there has to be some truth to these stories. As in, Vicki probably was doing something she's not super proud of on one of her insurance conventions.

For whatever reason, Lauri has been resurrected from her Housewives grave and has it out for Vicki big time. I wonder how Vicki is going to react to the claim that Lauri saw her in bed with a dude and a lady on two separate occasions. She's going to need to do a lot better than her usual yelling and screaming and calling Lauri a liar. Because I think people are starting to buy what Lauri's selling.

Do you believe Vicki or Lauri?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Heather M.

Team Laurie! I do believe she has it out for Vicki and should have spoken with her before telling any of the other ladies, but the way Vicki reacts makes me believe there is some truth to it all. She made Don seem like the bad guy for years and now we know she was having her own affairs as well. Same with the way she treated Gretchen. Laurie isn't a housewife newbie, she knows you better be able to back up any claims you make!

Gina Thomas

Laurie all the way! Vickie reacted to crazy and Laurie responded lady like!!! That says it all in my book!!!!

nonmember avatar Renee

Vicky looked at Tamara with her jaw open when they where skiing.... Right? BUT she didn't deny it, she said that if Laurie wanted to go there, then she would go there to. Vicky wants to keep her reputation spotless and she's freaking out because she can't any more

Rebecca Sain

I concur with the rest, Team Lauie all the way.  I especially agree with that Vickie's shenagins make Gretchen's look like child's play and she should have kept her mouth shut toward Gretchen.  You eat what you sow.

Rebecca Sain

Yes, I know it's reap what you sow but in Vickie's case, I said what I meant, lol.


Terry L Braden

I am with Laurie...and what rock did that Brooks guy crawl out from under? He is one strange person and is an opportunist just like Vickie's daughter said.Yuck!

Carol Powell

Can't stand Vicki,always acting holier than everybody.Laurie has no reason to lie.Now bring back Jenna .Get rid of Vicki,Lydia,and Alexis. When you do that you'll get a lot more viewers.

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