E.L. James' Latest Confession Says a Lot About How '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Will Turn Out

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E.L. JamesE.L. James has no problem keeping pretty tight-lipped about details surrounding the production of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. But at Comic-Con this past weekend, she didn't mind opening up about one thing: The director of the flick, Sam Taylor-Johnson!

When asked by Vulture what it was about the little-known director that prompted James to choose her, she replied, "Actually, it's not just me! Everybody keeps asking, 'Why did you decide ... ' It wasn't just me! There's a huge friggin' studio behind this." She then elaborated, "That's the wonderful thing about doing it this way, is you compile a team who really know what they're doing, who are incredibly talented, and you listen to what they have to say. ..." Ha, doth protest too much! We get it! The woman doesn't have TONS of creative control. Still, I'm sure she had some say, no?

James clarified:

I saw both of [Taylor-Johnson's] films, and I was blown away. Simple. She's creative, incredibly talented, she's got an extraordinary eye. She had a good idea about the whole Fifty experience, she understands it. ... And I thought, There's a woman I can go and get drunk with!

HA! So, she IS a fan! Perhaps even more than that. They're probably on their way to being BFFs. Which, as a fan, I would take as a very good sign that the film is on its way to turning out to be the sexy, steamy film we've all been waiting and hoping for!

Because the more that Sam Taylor-Johnson gets about E.L. James and, in turn, as she puts it, the "Fifty experience," the more likely it'll be that she can bring that vision to the big screen, right? Hearing it from the director herself that she wants to do that is one thing -- but hearing it from the brains behind the book herself is another. I think we can finally take a big, deep breath and rest assured the film is in fabulous hands.

Do you feel assured that STG can deliver a Fifty Shades movie that meets/surpasses expectations?


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2baby... 2babymomma

i am pretty sure i read this exact article a few Weeks ago

Bianca A. Nunez

she better not make her husband Christian that guy .. yea.. nothing special about him

grous... grousseau

Alexander Skarsgard is Christian Grey.

nonmember avatar Taylor

I've got it! I've outlined almost all the characters for the 50 shades of grey trilogy! I would be so pleased if they chose these actors/actress. I've got the casting down pat!

Christian: Matt Bomer/Ian Harding
Anastasia: Lily Colins/Zooey Dechanel/Emilia Clarke
Elliot: Chace Crawford
Mia: Lucy Hale/Vanessa Hudgens/Mila Kunis (They all have the face!)
Ethan: Ryan Kwanten
Paul Clayton: Zac Efron
Jack Hyde: James Franco
Carrick Grey: George Clooney
Grace Trevelyan Grey: Laura Leighton
Jose: Michael Trevino
Kat Kavanagh: Ashley Greene (as a blonde)
Carla (Ana's Mom): Megan Mullaly
Ray Steele: Gary Cole
Leila: Alexis Bledel
Gia Matteo: AnnaLynne McCord
Jason Taylor: Stephen Amell
Elena Lincoln/Mrs. Robinson: Denise Richards
Jose: Michael Trevino
Kat Kavanagh: Ashley Greene (as a blonde)

I know that not everyone will approve and agree with the list, but this is my personal opinion and analysis based on the descriptions in the novel and my imagination while reading the novel. I think these people are perfect, but of course, they are always subject to change. Can you imagine if 50 Shades had a almost full all star cast? These movies would make billions in the box office, simply because it will have a actor for everyone, even the old grandma.

I cannot wait to see their final cast! I'm so excited. They better not let us down!

Olivia Simmons Lukert

Ummm No you did not see this artical a few day or  weeks ago because comic con was last week and hello She spoke to Vulture there anyways i do realize they repost alot of the same things but i follow this very closely and no this one is New ....... and Taylor ^ all your people you have choosen ill have to say THAT'S A BIG NEGATIVE ....This is all .....O      Ian Somerhalder all the way for My Mr.Grey !!!

nonmember avatar Laura

No, the perfect cast.

Christian: Ian Somerhalder,Anastasia: Emilia Clarke, Kate: Katie Cassidy, Elliot: Kellan Lutz, Mia: Willa Holland , Ethan: Alex Pettyfer, José: Michael Trevino, Leila: Natalie Portman, Carla: Courtney Cox, Ray: Michael Keaton, Grace: Diane Lane, Carrick: Richard Gere, Taylor: Jeremy Renner, Elena:Ellen Barkin, Jack: Cillian Murphy,

Taylor your cast is NOT right, matt bomer is not interesting in fifty shades

Rosalie Caldarera

The only way I will be happy is if Henry Cavill gets the part of Christian Grey. He is perfect for the part and I don't understand what is taking so long for them to see it. The longer they take the more discouraged I get. If he doesn't get the part I don't even want to see the movie.

Megan Harris

I'm just happy that a woman is directing it!


Janet Marie Cooper


Ian is too creepy, skinny and unwashed...Henry is pretty but too wooden...MATT has it all!!!!

I like RYAN KWANTEN as Ethan - He is just adorable -

To Me, Elena is CHARLIZE THERON - She has that cat-like slink...Carrick is RICHARD GERE - handing down the Sex God mantle to MATT...Grace is SALLY FIELD...

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