Robert Pattinson Isn't Dating New Co-Star After All Because He's Still Not Over Kristen Stewart

Robert PattinsonHe may be spending quite a bit of time with his pretty new blond Maps to the Stars co-star, but apparently Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon are just friends -- putting rumors of a hookup between the two of them to rest before they really had a chance to get started.

Rats. Rob's keeping his distance (for now), which means one of two things. Either he's nowhere near over Kristen Stewart and isn't ready to move on with someone else, or he is scared to death of falling hard for another woman only to have his heart broken again -- so he's putting relationships on the back burner.

OMG, you guys -- Rob may be fully embracing bachelorhood and possibly enjoying it. What if he's single for, like, a really long time? (Let's hope and pray he doesn't adopt a Leonardo DiCaprio lifestyle.)

Huh. He and KStew were together for so long, it's almost tough to imagine him living the solo life and not hopping right back into another serious relationship. But come to think of it, that's probably the best thing for him right now.

He's only 27, and since he spent the better part of his early adult life tied down to Kristen, it's about time for him to let loose a bit and "sow his wild oats" for a while, so to speak. If he jumps right back into girlfriend mode, he's basically going to repeat the past few years instead of dating around and really figuring out what he wants in a woman -- and possibly a wife down the road. (He's SO the marrying type.)

Besides, this is only his first film after the split. He'll have plenty of future co-stars to potentially get hot and heavy with when the time is right. And something tells me he'll have no problem finding someone willing to fill Kristen's Converse sneakers.

Do you think Rob should stay single for a while?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Michale Burch Hess

He is still with KRISTEN STEWART!!! He loves her and she loves him. 

Billie Sue Boden-Lamb

Rob and Kirsten should take a Break, work on their careers and then try again to make it work out, without the Public in Bed with them !!

Rita Curry

 You say, Rob, needs to sow his oats? What in the world do you think he had done, before he met,Kristen. He was 21yrs. old when they met, and Kristen was all of, 17yrs old. Just don't put either of them with anybody right now!!!!! Give both of them some time, before jumping to conclusion's. I'm sure both will find the right person, Maybe, they allready found them. Each other.

Shirley Sorrow

Neither the public or the gossip mongrels know anything about what's going on in Rob & Kristen's life.  I honestly believe they are still together based on nothing but the love they had (have) for each other.  I don't think they would throw it away, but would fight for it for as long as it took.  Neither of them are dating.  They both are working.  They will let the world see them together again when they decide and not before.  Please just leave them alone and let them live their lives the way they want.  They certainly don't need Mary Fischer telling them what to do!  Enough said,,,, 

nonmember avatar Robfan4ever

Why do I even read this crap? Leave him alone already. Poor guy can't even make a film without people thinking he is going out with another co-star. What's are you going to come up with next? Rob got an alien pregnant?? Pfft!!

Michele DeLuca Smith

Date all you want rob. Don't live your life for the stens

Debra Anduaga

Maybe he has learned his lesson and doesn`t want to make the same mistake twice! Do not date your costar! He is just laying low for now. 

nonmember avatar Guest

"Tied Down"???Please. She is the reason he is still working in the states. I love how the general population feel they know what is best for him. No one knows either of them, they make sure that is the case. Leave them alone and focus your venom on the real trainwrecks (Miley/Liam etc.)

Angelic Guillory

loll this is really funny, Now! you want to say.... WHEN everyone has been telling you all along he isn't dating his CO-STAR!! WOW. ~shakes head~ well the truth will come out but, from  there own mouth and not some made up ridiculous rumor. nobody knows anything only Rob and Kristen does. 

Barbara Coleman

I agree with Debra, kind of lay low : not saying , don't go out and have some fun. Rob is only 27, he has plenty of time to get serious with some one. Like Debra said, kind of stay away from them co-stars: he will fair better. His fans love him, and wants him to be happy. So just take your time this time to find someone whom you can trust. One can not think stright with a hurting heart !!! Trust me.

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