Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra's Cancelled Wedding Doesn't Sound So Cancelled

Catelynn Lowell Tyler BaltierraTeen Mom fans, ready your neck braces, we have some news for you that may cause a little whiplash! Remember the sad news that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra had cancelled their wedding? Turns out the couple currently starring on VH1's Couples Therapy may have gotten married without us!

Whaaaat? A secret wedding?

Cue the dramatic music. Dun. Dun. Duuuuuuun!

Catelynn hinted that some "I do"s might have been exchanged during an "Ask Catelynn" session on Twitter this week. A fan asked if she and Tyler had gotten hitched, and her answer was the rather mysterious, "u will have to see." She followed it up with a smiley face.

Tricky! Tricky!

She could just mean that we need to keep watching Couples Therapy -- which is mid-way through its run on VH1 -- to see if she and Tyler patched things up after their explosive fight on last week's episode.

But the fact is, we KNOW they're still together. Tyler's Twitter handle lists him as Catelynn's fiance, and just the other day, the couple tweeted lovey dovey messages about their nine-year anniversary as a couple.

In fact, the only reason they seem to have kept marriage -- or at least a public wedding -- off the table is because of timing. They were supposed to get hitched on July 13, but VH1 had yet to air their breakup, when Tyler called off the wedding.

Tabloid photos of the bride in white, the groom in a tux, would have destroyed the drama of an episode that was pretty darn dramatic. It was hard NOT to cry with Catelynn as she saw her dreams shattered and yet hard not to feel for Tyler as he struggled between being there for Catelynn and being there for himself.

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They needed Couples Therapy to air before anyone heard about a wedding. 

But the fact is, they also needed therapy. Period. They're two really good kids who came through a really tough time together, but that's not enough to make a marriage work. They needed intervention if they were going to make this thing last.

Having to keep their wedding secret from us can't be fun, but it's a small price to pay for the gift they got out of therapy: the chance at a life together.

What would you say if these two got hitched without telling us?


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Kayla Walker

;; Good for them! They don't need the media up their ass when it comes to their personal lives!!

nonmember avatar jessi

ummm i think they are ridicules i hate them cant stand them they gave up their bb and now they have money and a good future and i know she did it cuz of that asshole

nonmember avatar Stephanie

aww sweet i love both of these guys they did the hardest thing by giving up their baby but like they said they just wanted the best life for her which u cant be hateing on bc they still see her an stay in contact unlike most parents im so proud of them both:) i love u guys:)

1RedH... 1RedHottMama

I absolutely LOVE Tyler,he has been mature beyond his years. I really like the two of them together and are certainly am pulling for them to make it as a couple. I don't normally care for reality shows but when they first appeared on Teen Mom my son and I watched it together a couple of times and I found that I really liked Tyler and Catelynn because there dysfunctional lives as children reminded me of my own,when it comes to there parents. And I really like Maci,she is a really good mom to Bentley. 

nonmember avatar mystery

don't see this working out in the long-run simply because Tyler seems to be on a quest to become a "star" and he often talks about Catelynn's lack of motivation beyond her love for him. I do think she's losing herself to him--not losing him.

nonmember avatar Jana Autry

I think it is great! It is Catelynn and Tyler's decision if they got married without their family and and my husband eloped 11 years ago and we are still going strong. I know they have had a bad past but their present and future will be better since they have each other and they already knoe each other's past. I wish them both a happy life together and am proud of the way they have grown up, Carly has amazing biological parents and they made a great decision when it came to her and the kids are the #1 things that are most important. Carly will have a good life with Teresa and her husband because of Catelynn and Tyler stepping up and doing what is right for Carly. I am adopted aso but it was because my real parents beat me as a newborn, i was 17 months when i was adopted and was in real bad shape and spent 5 weeks in hospital when my adoptive parents got me. Just saying as i have been in a spot that has been not good and for Catelynn and Tyler to know and do what was best for Carly, they are truely amazing..i hope they can keep each other happy and know that their baby girl is happy and healthy because of a very difficult but good decision they made.

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