Kirk Cameron’s 'Unstoppable' Movie Trailer Makes Him Look Nuttier Than Ever (VIDEO)

Kirk CameronKirk Cameron should be down on his knees thanking Facebook for banning his trailer for the new movie Unstoppable. Had they not censored the poor little right wing Christian has-been, then none of us would know the insanity that is the movie trailer. And I am so glad I do.

The film is ostensibly the story of how Cameron uncovered the truth about God and why bad things happen in a world where God exists. He claims to have all the proof and that we can follow him along on his journey. Pretty impressive given people have been searching for this "proof" forever.

Regardless, it's not the story that is so insane here. It's his eyes ... yikes. I will never forget his eyes. See below:

Whether or not you agree with banning Cameron from Facebook (I don't), you can admit that he looks (and sounds) completely insane in this trailer.

The movie itself should be seen, though. If you agree with him, then great. If not, that's fine, too. But censoring the man isn't the answer.

Generally, I don't get the incessant need that Hollywood types have to hear themselves talk. They get paid to act, not to speak out on matters of science, religion, or politics. That said, they have the right to do so. Sure, I might laugh at a has-been child star's religious fervor, but that doesn't mean I think it should be banned.

He is a man who uses his "fame" to spread what he believes in and that's OK. It's up to the rest of us to decide whether to listen to him or not.

As an aside, though, whatever happened to him? Mike Seaver was funny, irreverent, a little mischievous, and cute. Kirk Cameron? Is not. He is scary. Watch this trailer and see if you don't see the Mel Gibson parallels ... don't say I didn't warn you!

Do you think Kirk Cameron is insane?


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belon... belongs2Jesus

what you consider insane those that understand consider passion.

JS0512 JS0512

Nice name calling..."poor little right wing Christian has-been".  I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination and do not believe in God.  But I think it's fantastic that people do.  And I don't see anything insane about Kirk Cameron, what I see (as stated by another poster) is passion.  I also feel it's necessary to point out to you that Mike Seaver was a CHARACTER.  Kirk was ACTING.  Why are some people incapable (as you seem to be) of figuring that out?

katyq katyq

I knew he was a fruit when i saw him in a video claimng that bananas are an theists " worst nightmare" hahaha. It made me chuckle. 

nonmember avatar K. Shepherd

Dear Sasha Brown-Worsham,the only thing sad, nutty, pathetic, etc. about your post is well, your post. It is sad that someone actually provides you a paycheck for being so judgmental and intolerable of someone's faith. I hope that as an author of such "substance" you never become a has-been. As mothers, we get to choose to share positive attitudes and our faiths with our children, regardless of what those faiths and beliefs may be. I certainly hope that no one ever judges you or your children in this manner, because frankly, it's shameful.

Shandi80 Shandi80

I know you get paid for blog views (you're welcome!), and I get that we're all trying to make a living here, but surely there is a way to do so without the low-blow attitude.

Faith Smith Stewart

I do believe in God. That being said, I agree with everything else JS0512 said in their post. Leave the name calling out. It belittles you, Sasha. Nothing insane about it. What you see is passion. Everybody has a right to their belief. Belittling someone because its not what you believe in belittles a person. Accept people is not going to agree on everything and grow up.

nonmember avatar Julia

Two words to your question, Kirk: Free Will. It's spelled out pretty plainly in the bible. You didn't need to go on a "journey". All you needed was to pick up and read the Good Book.

lulou lulou

After I watched that, I went and watched the Blurred Lines video, which I found much more entertaining.

nonmember avatar lisakphillips

Just a shame what happened to Kirk in his teens. You worry about your kids falling in with all kinds of zealous groups as a teen, but you hope they'll outgrow it. Kirk lost his spirit a long time ago and never got it back.

nonmember avatar odie crossman

yes, the beliefs of K. C. is foolishness to those who are perishing. It is foolishness to those without a regenerated heart, those who lack spiritual discernment. The bible calls unbelievers fools...this very night you may lose your soul...then what. I promise you, it won't simply be an on-going party with the rest of the lost souls...more like isolation FOREVER. You'll be wishing you were a right-wing Christian. All us Christians were in your shoes at one time. Come as you are....I invite you to church to join the rest of us sinners who recognize Jesus as Lord.

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