5 Reasons Zak Waddell Should Be the Next 'Bachelor'

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Zak WaddellUgh. Didn't you want to reach out and hug Zak Waddell after he sang that sweet song to Desiree Hartsock on The Bachelorette "Men Tell All" special last night? (Dude. It's gonna be ok. I promise.)

Aww. The poor guy. Either he's really not over Des quite yet and wanted to make sure she's well aware of how much she hurt him -- or he figured the "Men Tell All" show was the perfect place to "audition" to be the next Bachelor.

As far as we know, the role hasn't been cast yet. Considering Chris Harrison announced that The Bachelor 2014 will premiere in January, they'd better get a move on with filling the spot so filming can start fairly soon.

And even though one of Des' final three guys, Drew, Brooks, or Chris, probably has a pretty good shot at landing the gig -- I highly doubt fans will be disappointed if Zak is the next Bachelor. (Even though he kind of reminds us of The Situation. We'll get over it eventually.)

Actually, he's the perfect man for the job -- and here's why.

Zak Waddell

  1. Holy hot body -- Are you even believing that photo of Zak in a red Speedo? His abs are rock-hard, so we can expect plenty of eye candy if he gets cast as The Bachelor. (Who doesn't love that?)
  2. He sings -- And he plays guitar too. And he's damn good at doing both. How fun would it be to watch him serenade 25 ladies?
  3. He writes poetry -- Who knew Des had another writer on her hands besides Chris Siegfried? And he's even more romantic than Chris, after writing Des a poem in invisible ink. Yep. Chris Harrison had to shine a pen light on it to reveal his words, which went a little something like this: "Love is it. The only reason to open your home to a stranger. The one creature worthy of surrendering freedom. No risk is too great, no apprehension justifiable. All hope is rooted in it, because love is our only hope for happiness, and I am happy to say this is love. Zak W." (Swoon.)
  4. He's a family man -- What girl won't jump at the chance to be part of the Waddell family snow cone biz? Zak is super-tight with his fam -- and considering how well they embraced Desiree, any woman would be lucky to gain them as in-laws. (I'm totally jel.)
  5. He wants the job -- During the "Men Tell All" special, Zak said he'd be willing to sign up for the process of trying to find love on TV over and over again. If that isn't an admission that he wants to be The Bachelor, I don't know what is.

And if things don't work out the first time, producers can pull a Brad Womack and bring him back as the Bachelor for a second round. By then, Des will probably be single again and she can join the cast of ladies vying for his heart in a crazy twist of fate.

Do you think Zak would make a good Bachelor?


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Simon Lee

of course!

nonmember avatar Ginny N

Zak would be a wonderful Bachelor! His depth sincerity and sense of humor are refreshing. And his family is wonderful. Best of luck to him!

James Powell

I do not want to see Zak W. as the next bachelor.  He's weird.  Also I read that Jeff Holm of Emily Maynard fame is trying to be the next bachelor.  That would be a disaster, too.  If anybody left over from Des after she finally settles on Brooks is going to be the next bachelor I would like to see Chris.


hexxuss hexxuss

LOL @ the part where she'd be single by then.  I truly chuckled, despite how mean it was lol.

nonmember avatar Heather

I don't want to see Zak as the next bachelor EITHER. Just because he was rejected like all the other 24 contestants doesn't mean he needs to be the next bachelor. I see why the ratings are low. If the bachelorette didn't see the appear most of America won't either. Go to the bachelor pad for that.

ilove... ilovemyaj

Zak would be a great bachelor des should have choosen him


Marybeth Rodden Holva

Yes, Zak would be a great bachelor! He would be sincere,fun, entertaining and is ready to get married!

Mari Walsh

Yes, Zak would be an amazing bachelor! I will be disappointed if it's anyone else!

Allison Andersen

Yes, Zak will make the best bachelor, EVER!!

Cathy Stephenson Caprio

If Zak W doesn't become the next Bachelor; please give him my name and number so I can spoil him rotten! He's amazing! xo Catherine

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