Jenelle Evans' Scary Emergency Surgery Is the Real Deal

Jenelle Evans hospitalWe can always expect Jenelle Evans to bring a little drama, but her latest trouble isn't her fault at all. Despite her recent efforts to get healthy, working out almost constantly with buff new beau Nathan Griffith, Jenelle's body had other ideas. The Teen Mom 2 star was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on Monday night!

Griffith tweeted a photo of Jenelle in a hospital bed, hooked up to multiple machines and sporting two large bandages on her mid-section. It riled up her followers, who instantly jumped to the conclusion that Jenelle was faking it for attention.

For a second there I wondered why she'd allowed Nathan to tweet the photo -- it seemed like a wee bit more information than I'd share -- but considering the critics, I admit she was probably right. They accused her of everything from hitting the hospital for detox from a drug overdose to simply making the whole thing up for sympathy.

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Photographic evidence of her ordeal is really the only thing that can set the wagging tongues to rest.

Because as it turns out, she's not faking it, guys!

Jenelle has suffered from cysts over the years, but this time around it was something a little different. Jenelle had her appendix removed at a North Carolina hospital. And appendicitis is no joke. If not treated quickly, it can be fatal!

Fortunately Jenelle came through surgery just fine and says she has her mom "Dr. Barbara" and son Jace waiting at home to take care of her post-surgery.

We're hoping she has a speedy recovery!

What do you think of the reaction to Jenelle's emergency?


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nonmember avatar Kimber

Isn't the appendix on the right side?

nonmember avatar Cassie

I had appendicitis its not fun. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

Laurie Lechler

Jenelle has done a big turn around since the bust with her hopefully soon to be hubby. She found someone who cares for her and has a child as well. She is getting alot better with her mom and spending more time with Jace. You know there has to be some serious turn arounds if Jenelles mom is allowing over night stays. She is sober and her body is clean from drugs. She changed her life for the positive. So tell me how she makes you sick Flora? For what she has been through, I personally am glad Jenelle is a better person than what she was before. Have you no skeletons in your closet? Or did you feed off of her drama? Anyone who knows the story on Jenelle would be proud of her for making the changes she has. She was young, she makes mistakes, she it out of that stage and deserves a second chance!

Dawn Waddell

my appendix ruputured and its no joke!!!!!!

nonmember avatar amy

I, personally, feel like none of us can judge her unless we have walked in her shoes....The cameras came into her life once she was pregnant....Nobody knows what she dealt with beforehand...I just think everyone has to consider what may have gone wrong in her life

nonmember avatar Elizabrth

at least her mom stIll loves her now thats a true mom.... I hope she turns her lIfe around

nonmember avatar sandi

Jenelle I hope you have a speedy recovery. keep your head up. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks about you. you have changed so much for the better. you have made mistakes in your life. But everyone has. Stay postive and you can do anything you put your mind too!

Deidre Pantin

that is so true guys ,she has made a 360 turn which is great , sometimes when we are young we make stupid mistakes , but.....thats whats great about growth we learn as we grow and change our dumb ways lessons that are learnt is called life , and with Jennelle ,she will be able to look back and see all the mistakes that she made and be gratefull for her growth that has allowed her to change , and along the way her and her mom will have a great relationship ,age brings reasoning..... and all that are so against her u guys must of been angels or so you want people to believe , kepp up your growth Jenelle, unlesspeople walk in ur shoes tellthem to keep their negeative thoughts to themselves!!!!!!


Beth Wingo-Durham

I always thought your appendix was on your right side??? Mine was anyway... hmmm maybe shes made up differently than the rest of the human population... J/S 

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