Tamra Barney Shows No Love for Gretchen Rossi on 'WWHL'

Tamra BarneyTonight Tamra Barney and Hoda Kotb were in Andy Cohen's clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live. I thought it might get a little wilder than it did, but Tamra in particular seemed a bit reserved. Even when it came to Gretchen Rossi, she kept her normally sharp tongue in place ... mostly.

When Andy asked her what she thought of Gretchen's singing tonight when she recorded a song for Slade Smiley on RHOC, Tamra eeked out, "She tried." There were no eye rolls or slams like we'd expect, but she also wasn't showing her any love. "She sounds better when she's auto-tuned" was about as low as she went. 

When the topic of Gretchen's alleged role on Malibu Country came up, however, she was a little more scathing.

She explained that Gretchen was called for a role as an extra on the show, but that role was cancelled after Heather Dubrow got a real part. She said that Gretchen then kept saying she got the role. "She lied about it," she said. Then: "Heather shut it down."

So clearly they haven't made up. Not that we're surprised. They've both spoken out publicly since the taping of the reunion saying they're no longer friends. Tamra recently accused Gretchen of getting engaged just so she could get a spin-off and says she wants her fired from RHOC. Gretchen took to her blog and called Tamra "two-faced" and a bunch of other things.

So with all of that, I thought Tamra would come out swinging tonight. Instead while she didn't show Gretchen any love, she kept it pretty classy. Somehow I doubt she'll be as restrained during the reunion.

Do you think Gretchen and Tamra will ever be able to rebuild their friendship? Team Gretchen or Team Tamra?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar manda

Gretchen didn't lie get it threw your thick head. Tamera picked on alexis last season n had a big fight with vicki now shes bff's with vicki again so shes ditched gretchen n now loves alexis lol shes a two faced lieing bitch.

Lucy Sager-Keyton

I don't think it will ever end because Tamara is obviously jealous of Gretchen because Gretchen looks so much younger and prettier than Tamara.. Suck it up Tamara, you can't stay young forever and a lot of women look better than you do..duhhh..

Norma Starnes Sawyer

Tamara has always been a biatch just like Vicki, she should not waste her time trying to mend fences with Tamara!  And in case she forgot she initiated their friendship with the bracelet.  

Gloria Woods Kotos

 I think Tamara is jealous of Gretchen but do not forget Tamara you lie alot thing about your frist marries and other thing too. You and Vu=cki will not be togoter soon and will brokedn your marries this time because Vicki is jealous of Gretchen and you too now she won you back but you be be sorry soon!

nonmember avatar Tracie Mitchell

I just think Tamra can't have more then one good friend at a time. I really like her to!! But Vicky comes back and says she wants to mess up there friendship right on tv. Why can't these lady's get along. But then would we watch??? I don't think so............

Jojo Gosha


nonmember avatar jeanine

Totally team Gretchen both Tamra n Vicki are jealous of Gretchen I mean my goodness look at how ugly vVicki is n when she starts screaming ugg those are her true colors yep iI am team Gretchin all the way

nonmember avatar Kirri

Ah why does everyone keep calling Tamra, Tamara?? Losers!!

Mobenah Aboubeid

 We already know what Tamara is, but Gretchen showed her true colors last season, and this season. Gretchen is not a true friend, she is evil, pure evil. Tamara is right to hate her I must admit. It always has to be about Gretchen, and she does keep bringing up the way they accused her of cheating, and we all know it was tamra not vicki who accused her but yet she is only trying to get vicki back. Gretchen did use the old guy for money, and than cheated on him.  Now she is stealing Tamra's shine just so she can get a spin off just like tamra, no wonder tamra hates her.


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