'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Gretchen Rossi & Alexis Bellino Need to Make Up Already

Alexis BellinoI thought maybe tonight was the night on The Real Housewives of Orange County that Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi might finally repair their friendship. Alexis seemed to think so too, but there was no repairing to be had.

Gretchen was ice cold from the beginning, and there was nary a hug when they left. I'm not sure what Alexis was expecting. It's not like Gretchen was going to break down and apologize, and Alexis certainly hasn't moved on from Gretchen turning on her in Costa Rica. So there's really no way for them to move on. They should though ... for a couple of reasons.

First, neither of them really has any other friends. Gretchen had Tamra, but that's a precariously balanced friendship at best, and Vicki Gunvalson's on-again relationship with Tamra could just topple it. Alexis has ... no one. So they really could use each other.

Second, we can't keep watching Alexis go on her boring acting auditions and hang out with her creepy husband Jim. She's got to mingle with these ladies a little more, and if she has no friends in the group, that's not going to happen. So I for one am rooting for their reunion even though it seems like a lost cause at this point.

The rest of the show was pretty dull. There was a gag-inducing glimpse at Heather Dubrow's new plot of land for her new manse after selling their current one for more than $16 million, and Lydia McLaughlin's life group, which was ... interesting.

Then there was Vicki and Brooks Ayers trying to figure things out. Vicki still loves him, and he seems to be stringing her along, not wanting to break ties with her but not willing to fight for her. He denied rumors he was dating a cocktail waitress but was shady about if he's seeing anyone.

He blames Briana for getting in the way of their relationship and says he's not going to wait around until she gives him permission to date her mother. What a cop-out.

If he really loved Vicki, he would fight for her. He'd find a way to prove to Briana and everyone else that he's not as bad as they think he is. But he seems way too willing to let Vicki go, which speaks loudly about his intentions in the first place. We know in real time that she's officially moved on from him (woo hoo!), but it doesn't make watching him drag her heart around any easier, and we still haven't seen the end of it.

Best moment: Lydia and her mom discussing tea bags.

Do you think Alexis and Gretchen will ever make up? Do you think Brooks ever really loved Vicki?


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nonmember avatar Ruby Madrid

Andy can you just get rid of Vicky now, she is just bring the show down.

nonmember avatar lk

I couldn't hate Vicky more. She belongs with Teresa from NJ cause neither if them take any blame, they both are completely delusional and I personally would never buys thing that has either name on it. I hope she fails in all things.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

There is no way Heather and Terry have all that money from his one plastic surgery practice. Sure, being a plastic surgeon is lucrative, but surely not THIS lucrative. I know it's improper to count other people's money or speculate what it's from, but I can't help but wonder.

Erika Coico-Ferrazzano

Omg brooks talking about him and Vicki making alot of money together. There you go Brianna was right all along. Show was so boring. And Gretchen STOP putting fullers in your lips you looked crazy and nasty to boot!!

Hannah Ann Smith

Heather and Terry Dubrow are the most obnoxious couple on this show. A bigger house with a better view? Really? How about doing some charity work Dr. Dubrow? Like donating some surgery to kids in need of cleft palate reconstruction rather than building a bigger, more lavish mansion that you don't really need. You give physicians a bad name.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Terry DuBrow is not new to reality tv....he was on Bridalplasty, a crazy show where he performed plastic surgery on brides to be that won challenges. Plastic Surgery is very expensive and addictive. Plus CA seems to be where everyone has had something done so I don't wonder how they have what they have. Id like to know what Heathers had done...honestly bc her face is too bony looking. Alexis and Gretchen ? No...Alexis doesn't need to be a target each week to be on the show. I personally like her and her hubbys new business venture. Gretchen is mean and I wish Slade would dump her ass. Never thought Id rally for Slade! Vicki and Books, a match made in reality heaven? Come on.Brav couldn't you find anyone better suited for our Queen Vicki? I realize alot is scripted but why make such a successful woman seem dumb when it comes to this mooch?

mimmi... mimmie123

Greedy Gretchen is what I call her .She is A cold vixen !Alexis is so above that money digging Queen .she  didn't miss A beat when the old man passed .She was onto A man with in 2 weeks .so we all know why she was with him .I got a chuckle when I heard her say she didn't get much for money when he passed .She was I am sure shocked when he didn't leave her everything .He was A smart man ,he knew what she wanted from him ,he was doing the same thing .using her .ha ha she is a gold digger ,they wtrote the song 4 her !!Alexis needs 2 move on & thank her lucky stars she is done with her .

nonmember avatar Joy

Alexis seems a bit immature and that's why the other housewives eat her alive. She's like prey to all the lions. I thought Lydia was her friend, but Lydia seems to have aligned herself with all the others and acts like being nice to them is a calling from God himself. Oh, Lydia, you surely have a lot to learn. Can't stand Heather, she is so self-centered and self-righteous. She thinks she is perfect and everyone else is stupid. Not an attractive trait for a not so attractive woman. She needs to work on her inner beauty, because her outside isn't looking so hot. As for bad girl, Tamra, we all know she can't help herself, but she's trying to get along. Vicki? Oh, Vicki and her slimey beau, Brooks, are not meant to be (thank God!). That leaves just Gretchen Christine, who needs to learn a lesson in humility. She's a little too high and mighty these days. I used to like her, but she's become a mean girl evidenced by her actions toward Alexis in Costa Rica. All in all, the ladies are a snore. Watching them is like watching the girls back in high school. They're all shoving each other around for some camera time!

Donna Abell

Alexis needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions, all she can say is bully, bully. bully..  everyone is always bulling her. Just because someone tells you the truth about yourself, it may hurt, but listen to what they are saying, and then tyro to improve yourself. She wants everyone to think she is all that. As for Gretchen I do not blame her. She knows what the others are saying about it. As for Heather, she is just to prime and proper for this show. Vicky needs to dig a hole and crawl bck into it. I do not blame Brianna for not wanting Brook in her mothers life, he is up do no good, and someone needs to find out what he is up to and expose him.  I sincerely hope that Gretchin and Slade make it, they make a really cute couple. As for Tamara, she needs to get away from Vicky, I liked her so much better when Vicky is not in her life. To ryan, Keep your head down, stay safe.

nonmember avatar Lisa

I think Gretchen has run her course on the show. She does not really engage well with the other women. When Alexis was talking to her she was very cold . I miss the nice and fun Gretchen. She's just not fun or exciting any more.

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