'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Has a Rumored End Date & This Time It Sounds Real

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KardashiansAll you Kardashian fans out there it's time to listen up. For years now, we've come to adore all that is the not-so-secret interactions of the Kardashian clan on their one-too-many reality shows. We've had the fortune of watching Kim X-ray her backside and steal her sister's breast milk. And now, it seems like the Kardashians may be leaving reality TV. Well, for the most part. 

The end of an era, an insider reveals that Keeping Up With the Kardashians will end in 2015, once the contract is up. Apparently "both Kim and Kris want to make sure they end on a high note, leaving fans wanting more rather than try and stretch the show on for another few seasons."

Wow. No more Keeping Up? Can you imagine it? A world where the Kardashians are OFF reality TV?

I'll be the first person to admit this: it makes sense. In fact, we knew a few months ago that Kim wanted out of Keeping Up. If the ending rumors are true, I think it shows how business savvy and smart these women really are.

Let's be real here: how many times can we watch the same family fight over and over about really not-so-important issues and be interested? Truthfully, probably too many times for our own good, but that's besides the point. Keeping Up With the Kardashians has has a solid run. Heck, the show's been on Bravo since 2007! Now, it's time for the family as a whole to move on, Kris can focus on her new talk show, and Kim can focus on her No. 1 priority: North.

In fact -- moving on isn't just a great idea at this point, it's necessary. Personally, I'm more interested to see what happens with Kim, Kanye, and North. Will the fab duo keep their word and keep their daughter off air until the last episode in 2015? Something tells me it's doubtful. But hey, you know what the end of a series means, right? There's always room for a spin-off!

Are you sad about the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Which members of the Dash fam would you want to watch in their own spin-off?


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MomMom23 MomMom23


nonmember avatar barb

ppplleeeaaasseee, someone stop the trail of money that goes to these classless, vulgar, no talent nothings!

nonmember avatar Paula1099

The show is now anti-climatic now. Kim has had her baby so I think the story should stop. Also, she had hidden the baby for so long and holding out for more money that everyone doesn't care anymore and moved on. They dont film in real time so we know what has happened - again, we moved on. It hasjumped the shark.

nonmember avatar Angela Lynn

The program is on E! not Bravo.

nonmember avatar ms.s

It should have been a "WRAP" yesterday. The kardashians has made their billions and is set for all of their lives ok. Please do one favor end it all now and never to return start living like decent normal people for once in all of your lives. I do not believe any of the hype at all they LOVE the cameras to much ok. Time will only tell of who is telling the truth. Do not take them seriously because if they wanted to end the show they would end it NOW without any precaution and while they 're barely hanger on a thin thread. They popularity is not there anymore and no one I mean one is interested in Kim Kardashians and Kanye West baby NORTHWEST TO THE HIGHEST POINT. Kim & Kanye's NORTHWEST TO THE HIGHT POINT is now old news. Yes people are interested to see the baby but curious of how she really looks ok. I am starting to think maybe something is wrong with NORTHWEST TO THE HIGHEST POINT some type of medical deformacy and that is the true reason of not showing her. It has been a month since her birth and still no pics of her.hmmm

Oh well Kanye w did say that NORTHWEST TO THE HIGHEST POINT

nonmember avatar ms.s

Do the world a favor why not call it a "WRAP" yesterday. The kardashians has made their billions off the poor who favored them and never really gave back.

It is so over why wait till 2015 end it NOW. The WORLD is less interested in seeing NORTHWEST TO THE HIGHEST POINT and with all that is going on in this kardashian family, they're empire is crumbling just like PAULA DEENS but on a much more worst level. The kardashian family with their lies,fraudlent,bribery and deceitful ways they are barely hanging on with a fine thread. RETIRE your faces so that the PAPs can not click another pic of any of you ever again and PLEASE DO NOT RETURN. Not judging and do wish them the best but it is truly a WRAP for them. THE KARDASHIAN REALITY TODAY has MADE BILLIONS FROM A LEAKED SEX TAPE, AND USED WHOEVER TO STAY REVELENT GAVE OUT BRIBERYS,AND FAKED THEIR REALITY SHOW TILL now.



Cooks... Cookster792

Ha Kim's Number 1 priority is herself NOT her child. And the talk show ratings are in the dumps. I would

not believe anything that these 2 say. I do enjoy Khloe, Lamar and Rob and now the Jenner boys.

Jaqueline Guzman

what i think is that they are being so stupid not to show off there Baby .. for goodness sake not even the royal family had a problem the nexr day thery were showing the prince for free.


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