Rumored 'DWTS' Season 17 Casting Will Force One Pro to Dance With This Controversial Partner

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Aly Raisman Mark BallasHave you ever wondered whether the pros on Dancing With the Stars have any say as to who they're paired up with each season? I mean, you'd think they at least have some sort of input, being that they're literally glued at the hip to their partner for the duration of the show.

Well, if what Mark Ballas says about DWTS pairings is true -- they have absolutely no influence whatsoever on who producers choose to pair them with.

Or at least that's how he makes it sound in a TMZ video, where Mark opens up about dancing with Paula Deen if she winds up being part of the DWTS season 17 cast.

He basically says that being on the show is his job (imagine that), and that nobody can put up a fight about who they are paired with. Notice how he left out any personal feelings he may have for or against Paula.

Pretty cool that he kept his response classy, right? (Obviously he knows how to handle himself professionally.)

Ok, so now we know if Paula does get cast, who she is paired with is up to producers and producers alone. But every male pro on the show should be hoping and praying that Paula winds up being his partner. Hear me out.

Sure, she's very controversial these days -- but that's exactly why she'll wind up making it pretty far along on the show if she does make the cast roster. Her loyal fans will be rooting for her the entire time and voting like crazy to keep her around. In turn, viewers who don't particularly care for her will wind up voting for her to stay as well because they can't resist seeing her come back and tearing her performances to pieces each week. 

It's basically the Bristol Palin effect. Bristol wasn't a good dancer, at all -- and plenty of people couldn't stand her, but she still made it pretty far on both seasons she participated in. And that's exactly what will happen with Paula if she makes the cut -- I guarantee.

But something tells me she won't wind up cast with Mark (I mean this with the highest respect) because he's too short. Notice how he's always paired with itty-bitty gymnasts? Paula is probably more likely to dance with one of the Chmerkovskiys or one of the less vertically challenged dudes -- if she even winds up doing the show at all, of course.

And since DWTS season 17 premieres on September 16, we should know whether or not Paula is part of the cast in the next few weeks or so. (Cue the suspense.)

Are you surprised that the DWTS pros don't have a say as to who they are paired with?


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nonmember avatar ErinNose

It could be Niki Manji or worse...gaga

nonmember avatar NanaBear50

Every pro has said in different interviews they have no choice of partners. Having said that, I do think some celebrities have asked for a particular pro and gotten him/her. The producers have the final say, and for the most part, they do a good job of pairing celebs to pros.

Judi DelFranco

Is Paula Deen even physically able to do that show?  Not to mention mentally - she's out of shape and under a lot of stress these days - I wouldn't want to see her hurt herself.

Deana Pate

I don't see anything wrong with Paula Deen being on the show, or any of the male pros having to dance with her. They are getting paid, it's their job. Also, it couldn't be any worse than Lacey Schwimmer having to dance with Chasity/Chaz Bono.

Winnie Chapman Richards

I don't think I will be watching if either Paula or Niki are on the show. I have loved this show for ever but I have my morals.

Tanya Julian

if she is cast they will stick with Tony who NEVER gets a good partner. He got Melissa cause his original partner got hurt. Stacy Keible is the only partner they have given him that was good.

Denna Wilfong Richardson-Fullerton

If Rolling Stone can put the Marathon bomber on the cover of their magazine I don't see what the problem would be if Paula Deen would dance on Dancing with the Stars!! Beside, if that is all that Paula Deen has done in her life then she is better off than most of the famous people. Some people are just not happy unless they have their nose stuck in other peoples business!! I'd like to see them get Zimmerman on there too! GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!

Randie Woodbeck

If you cant watch DWTS because someone said a racial slur over 30 years ago because you have morals than your a hypocrite because i gaurentee that every person in AMERICA has said one at one time or another.  Give me a break this woman has lost everything and if this is really going to be the reason that people cant watch a show than dont watch.  

Beth Ingram-fountain

I thought they meant Paula Abdul Hahahhahhahah!!!


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