Christian Grey Frontrunner's Recent Confession Could Ruin His Chance to Star in '50 Shades' Movie

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Henry CavillSo it seems everyone knows who Henry Cavill is now. You know, the extremely gorgeous man who played Superman in Man of Steel. No matter what you thought about the movie, there's no denying that Henry is one of the most beautiful people to ever grace the planet, and I for one have long wondered when he was going to get his big break.

Well, it's here, and nowadays he's dealing with the media scrutiny that comes with it. Not only has his love life become tabloid fodder, with the recent announcement that Batman will be in the next Superman sequel, well, it's definitely gotten fans even more obsessed with him. Henry will continue to make headlines whether he likes it or not.

But he's seen the downside of fame, especially with his strange, brief romance with Kaley Cuoco. Photos of them were everywhere ... then suddenly they break up? It's the stuff paparazzi and tabloid dreams are made of!

As a result of all of that, Cavill admitted at Comic-Con this past weekend, "The private life is considerably reduced." Then he went on to say, "Everyone seems to know where I am, what I’m doing, and you know, it’s interesting, but it’s new and I’m just going to have to adapt to it. You’ve just got to take it in stride and see how it goes. Nothing in life, no big change in life is easy, but you have to look for the positives in that change and that’s what I’m trying to do."

That was a polite way of saying: Being famous is hard. With finding his place in this new reality and hype for the new Superman sequel already building, it looks like Henry's going to be busier than ever. And of course it will be an adjustment for him, probably more difficult than he ever imagined. Okay, so, when we talk about Henry Cavill, you know what's coming ... we have to talk about him as a contender to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. You knew we had to say it! Look at him, he's so pretty, of course his name will be bounced around when it comes to one of the biggest (vacant) roles Hollywood's got to offer recently.

But his interview at Comic-Con might be hinting that he may not be able/want to handle such a big part. He's already dealing with his newfound fame as Superman, his love life has been making headlines -- it's going to get even worse if he's named the new Christian Grey. Still, Henry is just so good-looking, you know he'll be in contention until an official announcement is made.

Having camerapeople and paparazzi following him everywhere seems to be quite the adjustment for him, so perhaps now is a good time for him to stay out of the public eye for a while (especially when it comes to week-long romances) until news about the sequel really starts to heat up. Though, from what we saw in Man of Steel, I don't think anyone would be too disappointed if he surprised us all and chose to embody Christian Grey next. Let's just hope he can handle whatever happens next if he opts to do so.

Here he is at Comic-Con. Gotta love that accent:

Do you think Henry Cavill would be the perfect Christian Grey?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia

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Choco... Chocodoxies

Who cares? 

Seriously, they were horrible books and now they are wasting millions to make them into horrible movies. Why is this a daily topic of discussion on this site?

youth... youthfulsoul

That feels like a real stretch.

peach... peachpies

This is dumb! What Henry said was about fame, it had nothing to do with Fifty Shades. He just said last week that playing Superman wouldn't stop him from playing Christian Grey, and before that he even said he'd definitely accept the role if it were offered to him and he likes the script. I've come to learn this site is so biased and all for Ian Somerhalder that they twist everything on other contenders to make a negative story out of it.

Laure... Lauren0983

Are you kidding me? He is SUPERMAN. That's a huge role. He's already been catapulted into fame, and it would take time for ANYONE to get used to it. Henry handles it beautifully and he'll only get bigger from here. So, I'm pretty sure he can handle Christian Grey just fine. Women already trample each other to get his attention. He has interest in the CG role too. This article was pointless.

nonmember avatar SuperSteelerFan

He'd be crazy to go from Man of Steel to 50 shades! He is committed to a HUGE franchise trilogy with the MOS movies,;not to.mention the possible Justice League tie ins....couple that with a a VERY different fanbase as well as a movie that has the potential this generations' SHOWGIRLS....50 Shades COULD possibly be a career ender for a NAME actor/actress if it is not done properly (meaning if they adhere too much to the "book") . Smartest move would be to cast unknowns

Annie... Anniegrace

@SuperSteelerFan that is your opinion, but there are MANY people out there who believe this film will MAKE an actor or actress. It has become such a big phenomenon, and a good team can bring this story to life successfully & beautifully. People love this story! Henry doesn't want to be typecast as Superman. He knows the importance of mixing it up and he's said that in so many words recently. He's also said that Superman and FSoG are so different from one another that it wouldn't effect his role as Superman because nothing from either film will carry over into the other. An actor acts, that's what they do, he isn't going to be Superman forever and he won't pass up a good role if it's offered to him.

Shirley Bolien

yes henry is so the perpect christian gray come on look at him, one of the most sexiest men i have ever seen.

Julie Dupré

NOOOO !!! we want Alex !!!

nonmember avatar LMS68

Alex Pettyfer is too young and does not have the right look to pull off CG. Henry is most definietely CG in every sense of the word.

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