'True Blood' Teaser From Comic-Con Reveals All Kinds of Season 6 Spoilers (VIDEO)

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How much blood could a True Blood blood if a True Blood could blood blood?! Whoa, that was kinda crazy. Sorry about that. It's just that between the spoilers and the recaps and the recaps and the spoilers, my life is one big "blood" drive -- except, not the kind of blood drive that actually helps people. Unless, of course, you're one of those people who feels like True Blood does in fact help you -- like, to get through the day or whatever -- in which case, well, I'm a very good person. So, where were we?? 

OH yeah!! True Blood. Has. A. New. Spoiler-filled trailer!!! From Comic-Con!! All about the rest of Season 6. In which many characters say many cra-zay things, and they all must mean SOMETHING, if you get what I mean.

So I was thinking, why not take a few of the most fangtastic quotes in this here trailer and pretend like we know what sort of veiled predictions lie therein. M'kay? Here goes:

1. "There go the neighborhood." Lafayette

What could Lafayette possibly, possibly have meant by such a ... such a ... bereft of hope statement?! Oh, the cynicism! Personally, I'm guessing MORE supes is moving on into Bon Temps! Oh, cripes. Please no fire monster ...

2. "You cannot keep running forever." Nicole (to Sam)

Well, clearly Sam is now going to stop "running forever," as in, Sam is gonna be a damn fool and go back to Bon Temps and screw Nicole (in the shower) and then probably get killed by Alcide.

3. "Humans desire to be devoured. One bite at a time." Pam

Pam's gonna open a can o'whoopass on somebody. One bite at a time.

4. "Waaaaaaaah!!!" Steve

Bitch bound to die! Can't wait!

Check out the trailer -- did I miss any good ones?!


What do you think?? Any insane clues stand out to you??

What's your #1 prediction for the rest of True Blood Season 6? 

Image via trueblood/YouTube

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Blues... Blueshark77

I'm bummed about Terry, sure hope Sam doesn't bite it too. Really ready for Sarah and Steve to get what they have coming.

Keya25 Keya25

^^ ditto. I can never have enough Lafayette though.

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