Why Does ‘Millionaire’ Farrah Abraham Still Have to Resort to Giving Lap Dances?

Farrah Abraham sex clubIt's been two months since Back Door: Teen Mom was released, and already star Farrah Abraham has made $100,000 in royalties off of her sex tape. Add that to the $1 million she raked in for the rights to the porn flick, and she's swimming in the dough. So what is the Teen Mom star doing these days? Sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand taking it easy? Or giving lap dances to creepy old dudes in nightclubs?

Come on, this shouldn't be a tough one for you, folks. This is Farrah we're talking about!

Farrah was caught on camera doing the sort of thing $2 strippers are known for at the Vivid Gentleman's Club in Mooresville, North Carolina over the weekend, from lap dances on a guy who was more than happy to share his name (it's Jonathan York in case you're wondering) to signing a waitress's ass. She also posed with topless strippers, even hanging from a trapeze while face to face (and torso to torso) with a naked woman.


The club is owned by Vivid, the company behind her porno, and Farrah was promoted as the special guest for the night and star of the "number 1 selling sex tape in history" (take that Kim Kardashian!). Showing up could be part of her deal with the company to promote the tape.

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But lap dances? Signing asses? She doesn't need to do this stuff to put food on the table for her kid. Nor should a fresh-out-of-rehab young woman be handling all the alcohol she's seen with in the photos.

Farrah keeps claiming this sex tape was "accidentally" shared with the world, but with every move she makes, it seems obvious she is LOVING this new life.

What do you think of her antics this weekend?


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Vanessa Poholek Fasanella

The short answer: because she's broken. Why, I can't say. But that's the reason why she does this. And no matter how much money, infamy, or problems she has, she will probably never stop. Sad girl, sadder childhood for her little girl.

eupeptic eupeptic

That sounds like a job that someone who's not a prude could get a lot of enjoyment out of doing (compared to, say, an office job). Is there something inherently wrong with what she chooses to do with her life (if so, what is it, why is it wrong, and why should she choose to life her life the way that other people may choose to live their lives?), or are you just being intolerant of the freedom that we have in this country and judgmental about how she chooses to life her life?

Just something to think about...

nonmember avatar alex

She does this shit for the attention. But i have to agree theres nothing wrong with doing it if she enjoys it. Shes a young mom yes. So what. I worked at a strip club and im a mom. Does that make me a bad person. Granted i did it to pull in extra money. Worked two jobs on top of being a mom. Theres nothing wrong with what shes doing becides the fact that you guys have to report something new everyday. Of course shes gunna keep doing shit to stay in the headlines when you guys make her in them everyday for it.

Sarah Marin

It's becomes a problem when one day her daughter will ask "Why is mommy having sex on tv?" It becomes a problem when an impressionable child will grow up thinking its right to act like that. No self respect. No morals. No wonder 11 year old girls in my sisters school are pregnant. This is what they have to idolize on TV. Shame. 

nonmember avatar Red

She never earned 1 million from the tape. It's a big lie that you guys continue to print. James Deen said She never owned the tape, it was a marketing strategy. She got paid the same as he did, upfront before a frame was shot. You guys need to do your homework before you continue to print her lies

Becca Allison Salazar

Farrah thinks everyone loves her but in reality they don't give a shit what happens to her. She keeps saying she's a good mother but look at what she's doing especially lap dances? Really? She's so stupid.

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