'True Blood' Recap: TWO Major Players Dead!!

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terry arlene jasonWell. We knew somebody was gonna die on True Blood Episode 6 ("Don't You Feel Me?"). We knew SOMEbody was doomed, but we didn't know TWObodies were fated to buy the farm! Sadly, that's exactly what happened: Two major players bit the dust. Cashed in their chips. Called it a day! And while neither one of them was a worst case scenario loss (hang on, hang on, I'll identify the bodies in a minute), ONE of them really, really made me sad ...

Obviously, if you didn't watch and don't want to know anything else, STOP READING NOW. If, on the other hand, you hate surprises or just need some support (sniff, sniff), then, here goes ...

TERRY!?!? Aw, say it ain't so!! Why Terry hafta go out like that?? I mean, I guess poor sweet old Terry's death wasn't a tremendous shock or anything, given the fact that he did ASK that dude to kill him last week, but shoot. Terry was quite possibly the last bonafide bayou sweetheart. Terry "The Teddy Bear" Bellefleur, they called him. (Okay, fine, maybe I'm the only one who called him that.) Oh well, they say only the good die young ... unless, hmm. What if Terry's death ends up to be a kind of mercy killing?? Know what I mean? What if things are about to get SO crazy and horrible in Bon Temps that Terry is actually going to BETTER OFF DEAD?! 

Either way, poor Arlene. Girlfriend has the worst luck with men ever!!!

Sigh. On to Death #2: The Governor. No tears for that mofo!! Ding dong, the d-bag is dead, that's what I say. He had that coming -- and by THAT I mean the specific act of getting his head literally ripped off by the hottest vampire ever to walk the face of the earth, Eric Northman. Damn, Eric can make anything sexy!! (Okay, fine, it was really BILL, not Eric. But don't you WISH it was Eric?! That woulda been way hotter.)


Were you surprised by the deaths on True Blood Episode 6?


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nonmember avatar arismommy2012

Eric Northman did NOT kill the governor...Bill Compton did!!!!

Foley... Foleygirl24

Um, is it just me, or did BILL kill the governor, not Eric?

Cafe... Cafe Steph

It's not just you, Foleygirl - Billith did the beheading, not Eric.

tinyp... tinypossum

Bill ripped off the Gov's head. Did you actually watch the show? 

nonmember avatar Amanda

Do these people not check facts before they write these articles? ERIC DID NOT KILL THE GOVENOR! BILITH KILLED THE GOVENOR! Eric was busing watching Nora being poisoned...duh...

nonmember avatar julie

Yep Bill did the beheading!

Christy Anselmo

except Bill ripped his head off... we're you even watching?

nikag... nikagurl5889

Ok, guys it could have been an honest mistake. Take,it easy!

katyd... katydid620

Ummm...what show were you watching last night!?!  Bill killed the governor.....

Tonedead Jones

I think on of the anti-supes mistook Terry for Sam.That was a shame. He will be missed by his pet armadillo.

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