'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Rob Kardashian Is Letting His Weight Ruin His Life

Rob KardashianAfter watching KUWTK tonight, who isn't dreaming of going to Greece? It looked seriously, insanely beautiful and just bumped its way to the top of my most-coveted travel destinations. All that amazingness, however, made it even sadder that Rob Kardashian wasn't there. He cancelled at the last minute because he was feeling too fat

I didn't think he'd really stay home, but there he stayed. He was the one who talked Brody Jenner into going after Kris Jenner didn't invite him (which was all kinds of messed up, but we'll talk about that later). Then he just bailed. All season we've seen him struggle with his weight, but to not go on an amazing family vacation because of it -- that's incredibly sad.

Lamar Odom tried to talk to him. Rob denied that he's depressed, but I don't think Lamar bought it, nor do I. He really seems to need some help. As Khloe said, everyone goes through times when they don't like their weight, but you can't stop living your life because of it. But that's just what Rob seems determined to do.

Meanwhile poor Brody was left without his wingman and in a really awkward situation with Kris. First, I can't believe she just wouldn't invite him in the first place. I don't care how busy he's been before, just not inviting him is a huge slap in the face. Of course, Bruce Jenner should have made sure she did, but it's weird she wouldn't invite him when she invited everyone else.

As for the rest of their issues, I think Kris is partly right that it's some of Bruce's issues with Brody that are being shifted to her, but I think there are some that are theirs alone. It's clear Brody doesn't like her and her controlling ways, and Kris can barely look at him. Things appear to get intense next week. Hopefully they can work things out, and hopefully Rob will realize what he's missing and hop on a plane and join them.

Were you shocked that Rob chose to skip the family vacation because of his weight? What do you think is the real issue between Kris and Brody?


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katyq katyq

Greece isn't that great. It's not even cheap which seems rather odd to me given the current situation there. The Kardashians/ Jenners are some effed up people. I find them all disturbing.

Nancy Hartwick

The entire family is a bunch of freaks (albeit Rob) who is the only one to show his true emotions,a nd when he does, he's clearly made fun of. His sisters and mother should be ashamed of themselves for taunting him about his weight (which is what Rob reports on his website) and he also reports the his very critical mother's nonstop unsolicited advise about his diet is making him more reclusive. He reports she is hurtful and mean and that his sister ALL laugh and tease him insecesstently. Shame on those women,and shame on that hateful bitch of a mother. You go Rob....It took time to gain weight, take the time to lose it correctly.

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