Heidi Klum Poses Topless for, Like, the 100th Time (PHOTO)

heidi klum toplessHeidi Klum -- supermodel, Lady-in-Chief of Project Runway, and judge of America's Got Talent-- has been vacationing in Bora Bora for the past few weeks and sharing sexy photos of herself on Instagram all the while.

In the most recent, shared yesterday and shown here, the 40-year-old mom of four poses topless in bikini bottoms while hugging a palm tree. We get it Heidi, you're middle-aged, you've got four kids and you're still gorgeous and in fabulous shape. Now quit rubbing it in!

Heidi also shared photos of her sunburned behind and another topless shot during the course of her vacation.

What do you think of Heidi posting all these risque shots for her fans?


Image via Heidi Klum

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