Kanye West's 'Attempted Robbery' is Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

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jayne west beating photographerCould Kanye West be headed for jail? The 36-year-old musician and new dad has been named a suspect in an "attempted robbery" case that took place at the airport in Los Angeles on Friday. A conviction would make Kayne a felon -- though of course he'd have to be arrested and tried first.

And as serious as the potential charges sound, it's not as bad as you might think -- and it sounds like law enforcement officials might be acting a bit over-zealous here.

Here's how the incident went down:

Apparently Kanye was at LAX airport on Friday when a photographer tried to take his picture. Some kind of scuffle ensued, during which Kanye allegedly tried to take the photographer's camera away (that's the felony attempted robbery part). In the course of this, Kanye also apparently got physical with the photographer, who cops are referring to as "the victim," and who suffered some injuries during the attack, which according to TMZ was "vicious."

The photographer wants to press charges so it looks the police will send the case over to the district attorney as a felony attempted robbery rather than a battery case, which is usually the norm for these types of incidents. But here, they are going to go after "the suspect" (Kanye) for the most serious charge. This means the D.A. would have to give evidence that Kanye was actually trying to steal the camera.

Despite the fact that there are so few details, it's pretty easy to sum up what might have happened in layman's terms: Paparazzi get in a hotheaded celebrity's face. Celebrity is fed up with the constant picture-taking and lack of privacy and tries to grab camcorder away from one of the photographers. During the "grabbing," things get a little physical, maybe even more physical than the celebrity intended. In this case, paramedics rushed to the scene, and the photographer was taken to the hospital. The photographer decides to press charges. (His condition is unknown.)

In this case, we don't have to rely on conjecture -- we've got something better. The entire thing was captured on video, which may or may not have been edited:



After watching the video, what do you think? Is Kanye guilty of attempted robbery?


Image via TMZ



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abra819 abra819

Kanye's an arrogant dick.

nonmember avatar Sosad

As much as I HATE Kanye I genuinely feel bad for him. Stars are followed and harassed to the end of the world and back. And when they defend themselves or get upset. paparazzos claim "robbery, assault, I want to press charges, I want to sue!!! OH THE HUMANITY".. Paparazzi are not only following them around, they are verbally harrassing and scaring their children. If I had the money I would hire a private investigator to follow the children and family members of any paparazzo that was harassing my family, and post the pictures on a social media site dedicated to over zealous paparazzi, see how they like it. Oh yea and when they call the police I would claim my 1st amendment right to freedom of press.

nonmember avatar Renae

He did attempt to take the guys camera but it wasnt some violent exchange that should have ended with someone being seen by the paramedics. Kanye should have continued to get into his car like he was doing, not turned around and attacked the photog.

Monke... Monkeymama930

Sounds like the guy wants some money.

Gwend... Gwendlite

He's such a freaking hot head. He should move to another country if he wants privacy. This is the life he chose, get over yourself.

Yolie Scott

They want to be famous but don't want to be bother with the people who put them on the front pages of a magazine, newspaper, etc. Why they would even want to take a picture of Kanye anyway is beyond, he is one ugly f--k.

Andre... Andreamom001

He's a hothead, but it didn't look "vicious" to me, just a struggle for the camera. I can't imagine why a hospital visit was necessary...maybe an injured finger or wrist...? Much ado about nothing.

Jason Ross

Jail him. He needs to get a grip.

Diana Hart

I dont think its as bad as what the media made it out to be. In the video u can clearly see that it wasnt much of a struggle it looked more like a hug from behind, lol. And when he let go, he through his arms back like it wasnt worth the struggle. Did I hear it right, that he offered the guy like $250.00 to stop????

nonmember avatar Lorelei

I do not like KW at all. But it sounds like the guy wants money. KW is famous that's his career just like the photographer that's his career you point a camera in my face and I tell you to stop then you been warned. Taking his camera have KW buy him a new one. And this time don't stick it in his face.

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