6 Major Kate Middleton Myths Busted

kate middleton prince williamEver since having the international spotlight shone on her in college, royal mama-to-be Kate Middleton has been the subject of gossip galore. The whole world is fascinated by not only who she has become but how she's ended up where she is today, married to Prince William and about to give birth of a future heir to the throne! It's no wonder that over the years, that gossip and fascination has lead to a sort of "mythology" about the Duchess of Cambridge's rise. 

Here, six myths about the Duchess and the truth behind each one ...

1. MYTH: Kate's always been a social climber who targeted Prince William from the beginning, because she wanted to become a royal.

TRUTH: Biographer Marcia Moody, whose book Kate comes out October 1, recently told Celebuzz, "I really don't think she was in love with the idea of being royal. While other female students [at St. Andrew's] would wait for William outside lectures and stumble up to him on nights out, Kate was actually embarrassed when she first met him and didn't say much. And they both dated other people to begin with - they were friends for over a year before they got together. ... I think they are both with each other for entirely the right reason - they are in love."

2. MYTH: Carole Middleton encouraged her daughter to attend St. Andrew's instead of Edinburgh (where she was originally supposed to go) after finding out William was headed there.

TRUTH: Moody calls this "complete fabrication." She admits, "Carole always seems to get a bad rap, and I really don't know why ... She's a pretty amazing woman -- starting up her own business from scratch and raising three children at the same time, and she didn't have any formal child care." As for the school switcharoo story, Moody explains, "Kate would have accepted her offer to St. Andrews early in the year, while William's team didn't announce that it was where he would be attending until much later in the year." 

3. MYTH: Kate doesn't really seem invested in her charity work; she only does it to keep up appearances.

TRUTH: Moody argues that the Duchess has "one hundred percent dedication to her role. She has ... totally submerged herself in her charity patronages, doing all her own research before deciding which ones to take on - everyone I spoke to at her charities was impressed with the depth of research, and the commitment she was offering them." Awesome!

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4. MYTH: The first member of the middle classes to marry a future king, Kate is a "commoner."

TRUTH: The Middletons have had ties to royalty for generations. Hugh Lupton, the brother of her father Michael Middleton’s great grandfather, was Lord Mayor of Leeds, and with his wife Isabella, the Lady Mayoress, entertained Princess Mary, who had the title Princess Royal, and her husband Lord Harewood on more than one occasion in the 1920s.

5. MYTH: Kate's "cold, dull, and serious."

TRUTH: If anything, she's a bit shy. "She has overcome extreme nerves about stepping into the public arena," Moody says. "Whenever I have seen her she has a fantastic way with people - she is warm, friendly and interested in everyone. Like William and other members of the family, each person that she speaks to feels like they have her undivided attention whether it it just for one minute or for five or more."

6. MYTH: Kate is always seen laughing with Prince Harry, so they must be flirting!

TRUTH: Funny one, right? Moody laughs at this assertion, too, explaining, "Kate and Harry get on brilliantly and they are very fond of each other, but to suggest anything more is ludicrous!"


What do you believe? What's the wildest myth about Kate you've heard?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

The reasoning on number two is way off. He announced he was going to go to St Andrews before he took his gap year. Princess wannabes had plenty of time to apply.

VotreAme VotreAme

We are all human, we have no right to judge.. on kate knows her true intentions.. let them be in peace ..

Angel... AngelSinger

I would like to think that most people, if given the opportunity, time and (of course) money, would gladly throw themselves into charity work. I think most of us wish we were in a position to do more for others. Perhaps I am being overly optimistic, but that's just me.

As for the princess wannabe myth, I think the fact that they were friends first, then dated for years, shows she was in no hurry to walk down the aisle and into the history books.

Because although you do get that opportunity to do charity work and help those less fortunate, you pay for it with an almost total lack of privacy and the paparazzi at your heels 24/7. And surely she had the example of Diana in her mind, after all...being a princess did not make Diana a happy or healthy woman. This isn't a fairy tale, it's real life for Catherine. And it's not all parades and cutting red ribbons.

LadyM... LadyMinni

Myth 7: Her name is Kate Middleton. After extensive research, people have actually learned that her last name is Wales, given her status as a married woman.

And yes, she was a commoner. Having "ties" to the royal family doesn't make you royal, or even noble. I have "ties" to the royal family and half of the nobility in the U.K., but I'm still a commoner! Imagine that. It's the whole island nation inbreeding thing.

And by the way, "Lord Mayor" isn't exactly a real noble title. It is the title given -honorarily- to the mayors of several major cities within the Kingdom and Commonwealth. It isn't hereditary. The Lord Mayor is appointed/elected, however that goes.

nonmember avatar Sreve

Who would willingly sign on for this media circus life if not for love? She lived in relative anonymity in Wales with Prince William for 8 years. Best kept royal secret ever. They could have quite happily lived like that forever, if the pressure wasn't on William to marry and have a legitimate heir. Sadly for Catherine and William, just living together and raising a family wasn't in the cards. The marriage was a necessity, and who better to walk down the aisle with than his girlfriend of nearly a decade?

nonmember avatar Steve

@LadyMinni Camilla has the right to use the name Wales, as the wife of the Prince of Wales. Or she can use Windsor. Catherine is not entitled to use the surname Wales until her husband becomes the Prince of Wales. Just prior to his marriage, William was granted the duchy of Cambridge. Catherine can use the surname Cambridge or Windsor, but the surname of Wales is only used by the spouse and children of the Prince (or Princess) of Wales.

Maryellen Elizabeth

To me, Catherine seems very real, down to earth, and sweet. Some people are jealous and need to get a life.

nonmember avatar sue

here we go again the sugar coating of waity,...... the truth is she wanted to be a royal otherwise she could have left willy to find someone else, she hang on to him while doing little with her life sorry guys that is a GOLD DIGGER!!!!

nonmember avatar theexodusishere

Much agreed, Lady Minni! Why is she still being called Kate Middleton when she is married? I would be quite upset if I were constantly referred to by my maiden name. Why not just refer to her as Duchess Kate? If people know who Cher, Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, etc..are by single names, I'm pretty sure we'll know who people are referring to if you only refer to her as Duchess Kate as opposed to continually using her maiden name.

nonmember avatar Dawn

@lady Minni.... Their last name is Mountbatten-Windsor.... Not Wales.

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