Ian Somerhalder's New Sexy Snapshot Reveals Why Things With Nina Dobrev Didn't Work Out (PHOTO)

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Ian SomerhalderI swear, Ian Somerhalder has this magical capability to get hotter and hotter with every passing day. Sure, the hunk looks great without his shirt, but I think we have a photo that can top that. See that to the right there? That's Ian cuddling. No, not with some super beautiful woman, but with a furry little kitty. How effin' cute is that?!

The caption to the photo? "Being a dad ... #gmb= Grown Man Business ;)" Um, whoa. WHOA. Ian Somerhalder as a dad?! That is uber-sexy. But his fathertastic inspirations may just be another indicator of why things didn't work out with longtime girlfriend Nina Dobrev. I mean, think about it: While Nina's out partying and hitting the beach, he's at home cuddling with a kitty channeling his fatherhood instinct. Not exactly an eye for an eye, eh?

With that said, there's nothing wrong with the fact that Ian and Nina decided to go their separate ways. By the looks of things, they're both doing just fine post-split. It happens in relationships. Sometimes two people who seriously care about one another just realize that they're at different places. Is that what happened with the Vampire Diaries couple? We don't know, 100 percent. But it sure as hell seems that way.

I am 100 percent positive that there is a fantastic woman out there (raises hand) who is at the same place as Ian, looking to settle down a bit and take things easy. And I'll be the first person to say that the idea of Ian settling down totally makes him an even sexier actor in my eyes. Perhaps a sexier Christian Grey? Sigh. Only time will tell!

How hunky is this photo of Ian Somerhalder?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar lucy

is he not the hottest and most caring person or what? whoever he decides to settle down with will be the most luckiest girl on the planet...........

nonmember avatar queen

yeah with slut alexis knapp. this dude is a whore attention to.

nonmember avatar me


craft... craftycatVT

Love a guy who isn't afraid to admit he loves his cat.

nonmember avatar erika

Perhaps a sexier Christian Grey? No way!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Shelley

I find it funny that some commenters here accuse him of being a manwhore when no real picture proof has come out yet no one says anything about Nina straddling a guy she just met while wearing a skimpy bathing suit. Ian is not a man whore. He has a big heart and has done a lot of positive things for the world. The woman he chooses to be with next is up to him to decide not the public.

nonmember avatar Maria

Ian is an sweet, caring man..who ever does not see that is blind. And i find it hilarious that people (esp Ninas fans or Nian fans) go to every single article to accuse him of what? HE IS SINGLE, HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS. All of you go around accusing Ian and noone talked about Nina who didnt do one con for her fans (dont tell me she is tired! the rest of them were too) and went around in beaches with girlfriends straddling guys she just met..real nice and classy..bravo.
Ian is the most sweet, caring, intelligent person and other celebrities should take a page from his book and be that nice. The woman that will be next to him will be very lucky and cherished.

nonmember avatar laura

i wonder why he really doesn't have any kids i mean it's not our business but still even single men his age and older have at least 2 kids from somebody and i don't think he's a manwhore im just going to play dr. here but i think him seeing his parents divorce at an age where everything is going bazerk made him scared of commitment as he got older he was probably searching for that soulmate he wanted to be with for a long time without divorce and did'nt want to have kids that would have to go through wat he most likely did. i didn't mean to go into personal matters,but i personally think that's his reasons.who knows? only him of course.

nonmember avatar Jess

@Maria I find it funny that you say that Ian is single and can do whatever he wants, but you put down Nina for doing whatever she wants also when being single. Isn't she allowed the same thing without being shamed for it?

I go to Nina articles and there are many Ian fans putting her down for breaking up with him (when they don't even know the situation that took place besides a few rumors that are being spread around) and enjoying her life when she is allowed to. I think neither one of them should be shamed for what they are doing. We don't know them personally, we only know them from the social media that comes out, who knows maybe their both good or both terrible people

nonmember avatar amelia

maria shut up. she can do what she wants. she is singleeeee to. and please THOSE CONS are not free, they do it for money. don't belive the cast goes there without getting money...

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