Brandi Glanville Gets ‘Housewives’ Spinoff & We’ve Got the Scoop!

brandi glanvilleDrinking and Tweeting? More like Drinking and Spinoff-ing! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has been given her own show, and unsurprisingly, it will focus on her dating life. Sally Boozehound Brandi was reportedly "shocked" when Bravo execs approached her with the idea, but now she's "really excited" about the prospect of having a show of her own. She's going to be taping a pilot some time in the near future, and it will follow Brandi as she jumps back into the dating scene, and we'll get to "see what kind of men can actually handle her!"

Sounds like it could be interesting. And, I mean, obviously I'm going to watch it. But another Housewives spinoff, Bravo? Come on now. You have the same five women on a constant rotation on your network. Less spinoffs, new Housewives cities, please.

Let's see, we've got Vanderpump Rules (yawn); Don't Be Tardy (meh); Bethenny Ever After (watch religiously); The Kandy Factory (meh); I Dream of NeNe (coming soon); Tamra's OC Wedding (coming soon). Am I missing anything? And none of these shows, with the exception of Bethenny's, in my opinion, are good! I'm guessing they get ratings if they keep making them, but I vote for a new Housewives city or two instead of all these spinoffs. Dallas? Connecticut? Chicago? You know there has to be some cray ladies up in all those places.

Like I said, of course I'll watch Brandi's show. Anything to kill more brain cells. But I seriously doubt it'll be something I'll DVR and watch religiously. Spinoffs don't work that way. They're more, "Eh, if it's on, I'll watch it" kind of shows. Ya dig?

Will you watch Brandi's show? What city would you like to see for a new Housewives show?


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nonmember avatar TSW

Totally agree with the author's thoughts. Bring on the new cities Bravo! Enough with what we already know. Im looking for a new love baby!(Jodie Whately)

hexxuss hexxuss

I'll just skip watching TV & come here to find out who these people are & what they do =) same as I do now lol.

Donna Lockwood McCool

Good for her.Since dear Eddie does not keep up with his child support,This will help her out.When has this man had his last job.Probably not since he ran off with LeAnne.She has the money.Why would he work?

Beth Smith Gardynik

As long as we keep watching them they will keep doing spin offs! Some good some not so good!

tessy762 tessy762

I have continuously said there should be a Real Housewives of LAS VEGAS... I can absolutely put you in touch with a number 1 that can make Brandi look like Cleaver mom..... No I am not in Vegas but have the perfect freind there for this....... 

Janice Birch

RHOConnecticut Greenwich that's real money

Jenni Young

Happy for Brandi. I personally think the biggest Witch of the entire Housewives brand is Bethenny. She is the most selfish appallingly greedy hurtful creepy person I have ever seen. I would call her more names, I just got tired of typing adjectives.

Lisa Sims

I like Don't be Tardy, and Vanderperpump Rules, Kandi Factory sucked(boring)I did like Bethenny everafter but really, I can't stand her (narcisstic b!#$%)Looking forward to Nene's show. Tamaras wedding? not so much.

Debra Akerman

Well now I guess I won't be this show on Bravo......How annoying! I rather see a show about Golf than watch Brandi being sleezed out.

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