Kim Kardashian Source Reveals Where She'll Show Off Post-Baby Body First

kim kardashian pregnantEver since we heard Kris Jenner was getting her own daytime talk show, Kris, we've thought there was a chance Kim Kardashian could make her first official appearance since giving birth to baby North West on the show. Now that she's been cooped up, hiding out from paparazzi for five weeks, the possibility seems even more likely. Now, multiple sources tell Us Kim wants to make her return to the spotlight a memorable one and is working hard to debut a slimmed-down post-baby body when she hits her mom's set.

A source claims, "She wants to show up like Heidi Klum and have everyone marvel at how fast she lost the weight. ... She won't leave the house until she's thinner." Apparently, she's already lost 20 of the 50 pounds she gained during her pregnancy, but "she's frustrated she can't exercise yet." Oh jeeeze.

It's no newsflash that Kim wants to make it seem like she lost sooo much weight so quickly (and so effortlessly). This is a woman who promoted diet pills after all ... Even if it isn't realistic or honest, the pressure to look incredible right after having a baby is crazy. But I'd bet she'd win more admiration and fans in the long-haul by worrying less about how many pounds she's dropped and how quickly and more about how she's doing it -- in a healthy way that sticks. Guess that's probably just wishful thinking though!

The Kris appearance doesn't exactly come as a shock either, right? There was no way in hell this woman was going to discreetly slip out for some ice cream in sweatpants one random day and let that be her "big reveal." She's the Princess of Reality TV, after all, right? Going on mom's talk show is a win-win-win for Kris and Kim -- Mama K gets a ratings boost, her daughter gets to revel in the limelight, and both get to boost their brands in the process.

Be honest: Are you going to tune in for Kim's first appearance post-baby?

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nonmember avatar susan

nope...nothing can make me watch kris jenner do anything...won't watch her show under any circumstances.

Paws84 Paws84

I won't watch her show for anything. I think it's disgusting how much Kim cares about how she looks that she won't even show her face in public because she wants ppl to think she dropped the weight overnight. I didn't have a lot of respect for her before, but I don't have any for her now. Show your face just like everyone else has postpartum, you self-absorbed hoochie mama. I hope people don't get suckered into watching her show. Remember, you can always look at the pics online later that day. You know Kanye's holding a sugar-free cookie and a whip in front of Kim on the treadmill. He'll beat that ass if she doesn't lose the weight asap.

Yolie Scott

Wouldn't waste my time watching anything that the Kardashians do. Kim should take a look at Jenna Dewan--Tatum - now that is a mother who looks great after two months of giving birth.

mlg1989 mlg1989

I despise Kim K. The only time I give her attention is when I'm on The Stir, read everything else and still bored lol. Her and Kanye and too hyped up, They don't have my adoration or respect at all.

Cooks... Cookster792

Will NOT watch as I work during the day.  Even if I was home still wouldn't watch All Kris talks about is

her daughters especially Kim. HELLO you also have a son who is hurting right now.  Be there for him.

As for Kim can you say lipo and tummy tuck.  

nonmember avatar Emily estes

Funny every1commenting is hating on kim saying I'd not have anything2do w her well yall broke ur necks2read this..ppl full of hate...let them be she's not just reality tv all 3 sisters are power house business moguls they run an empire..wout tv they still make mad money&work there assas off..if ur a female dissing them shame on u..respect that they let other girls see what its like2run a business!!!didn't ur mother say if u dnt have anything nice2say don't say it at all!!!

nonmember avatar Jeanette

I like the Kim but i am disappointed she has not shown off the all about her..sad...

nonmember avatar dorothy glasse

I can't stand Kris Jenner. Hope her show flops big time. Won't turn it on.

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