Amber Portwood's Early Release Date Means She’s Turning It All Around in Jail

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood was the Jenelle Evans of the first round of Teen Mom. She and her baby daddy Gary had an ugly relationship that involved domestic violence, among other things. She also ended up in jail as of June 15, 2012 for her drug addiction, among other issues.

What a difference a year makes. Word on the street is that Portwood has made a real turnaround in prison. Though she was sentenced to five years, she may be getting out in October, and she has done a lot of work toward getting her GED, which could mean big things ahead for her.

Portwood clearly did the right thing by going to prison. And believe me, I NEVER thought I would say that. Maybe Jenelle could learn from her?

I have to hand it to Amber, this is what she said all along. She said if she went to prison, she could turn it all around, and sure enough, that is what she has done.

It's not perfect. After all, she doesn't have her GED YET, but she is making progress. And she is going to get out. And she has successfully avoided other pitfalls and kicked the drug habit. Now, of course, what happens after prison is anybody's guess, but if she can survive (and THRIVE) behind bars, she can do the same outside, too.

Amber always struck me as a person who genuinely did want to get it together. While every season seems to have its own "tragic" case, maybe there will be a happy ending for Amber after all.

Jenelle? It's anyone's guess. But I'm not holding my breath. She just doesn't seem to want it as badly. Still, if Amber can do it, anyone can. If it takes jail to kick the addiction to crappy men, drugs, and anger, then bring it.

Now, we just get to see who gets to wear season 3's crown of disgrace. As of August 26, we will know ... 

Do you think Amber will make it out of prison?


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nonmember avatar mel

I've gotten a ged. She is dragging her feet and she shouldhave just done it already. So what If she failed she could retest and know what she needs help on. I didn't even have to study and I was in and out school since 8th grade . I got a perfect score on one test. It doesn't sound like she's changed much. She was dragging her feet and making excuses way before prison. I dont think being around other law breakers is going to turn her positive. I wish correctional facilities where actually that. Correctional.

SaphireH SaphireH

Everyone prepares for tests differently so why is it a big deal that she's taking her time?

nonmember avatar Kelsey

I got my GED while I was in jail. I didn't study for it and took t the first chance I got back in 2009. I agree with one of the above posts. She is dragging her feet. It's not that hard. I am 22 and I already have a 4 year degree in Phycology and Sociology. Anything is possible if you stay off of the drugs and put your mind to it.

Tammy Stepanovich

I think it is a great thing that she has turned her life around. As far as the comment about her GED I think you are wrong. Everyone is different when it comes to taking tests and just because you got a perfect score on a test does not mean everyone does. I think she has come a long way and he is doing well for her self. I think that going to jail helped her and in some cases it does not help people. Again just like with taking a test people who go to jail come out of it in different ways. It changes some for the better and in some cases changes people for the worse. I think she is doing well for her self and I hope she keeps up the great work and stays clean and out of trouble for her baby... Good job Amber and do not listen to haters just strive and do you and be better for you and your little girl... Good luck

Kathy Peters

I think Amber always wanted to be a good person and a good mom. I think she really is a goodmom for getting her life back on track, She always took good care of Leah and really loved her <3 If she can kick poor choices of men, She will do good! I have faith in her! 


Getting her GED is important, but like others say not everyone tests well! I graduated, but I am living proof people struggle with  testing!

Good Bless you Amber and Pray that things go well for you!! Keep up the good work!


Lisa Gadd

I think amber will do gd for her self and her daughter when she gets out she is a gd mum so good luck

Chelsey Cline

Definitely! Way to go Amber (:

Celeste Keenan

Hopefully Amber can mend the broken relationship with her daughter even though I don't think she should try to mend her relationship with Gary.  I think that it was a toxic relationship to begin with.

Ashley Vessell

Good for her. Id still rather hear about Amber over Farrah.. At least Amber is trying to do better for her daughters life.


nonmember avatar Elizabeth Perez

Really People? She is in Prison. She had no choice but to serve her time..That doesn't make her a Good Mom. She chose Drugs over her Child.. Everyone is making it seem Good Job... Please, first day she is set free, she will use. That's how pathetic she is... Open your eyes people..

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