Vicki Gunvalson Says Her Brooks Ayers 'Love Tank' Is Officially Empty

Brooks Ayers and Vicki GunvalsonAt last. Finally. It's about time. It took a lot of false stops and restarts, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has officially called it quits with Brooks Ayers

We've gotten hopeful before, but this is coming straight from Vicki. She told Radar Online, in no uncertain terms, that they are dunzo.

I‘m single now. We have decided to remain friends but we have decided to move on and date other people.

We came to the realization that it was harder to stay together than it was to be apart.

She's not admitting that he's a slimy, fame-mongering sleaze (which I wish she would realize so there's NO chance of him worming his way back into her life), but at least she's moving on from him.

While it would be great if she'd take a little time and just focus on herself, she says she's ready to jump right back in the dating pool. And she's looking for help. She told Radar:

My love tank is empty again. Do you know anyone that would be good for me to date?

So the hunt is on! I know Joe Buck said he's dating someone, but if that doesn't work out, they were kind of cute together? I don't know, but I do know there's got to be someone better than Brooks out there for her.

As happy as I am to see her end things with this loathsome man, I do feel sorry for her because a breakup is never easy. I'm not sure why I always find myself rooting for her, but I do more often than not. She's not perfect, and she's kind of crazy, but she usually owns it, and that's really all any of us can do. So I hope she finds someone that truly makes her happy and can fill up her love tank with something genuinely good.

Are you glad to know that Vicki and Brooks are officially over?


Image via Bravo

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Standby Yourman

Well I did hold my breath - because she does not like to state she is wrong - she gave him more than a chance to straighten out and fly right - = Congrats Vicki yu are coming back from being a sugar momma

Marianne Farina

So glad to hear that ! He is a user skeeve !!

Christine Anne

Good - Brooks always creeped me out and I'm glad Vicki has moved on. (I'm sure her daughter/son-in-law and friends like Gretchen are happy)

Joanne Hester

I hope Vicky finds some who is as hard working and fun loving as she is. She is crazy sometimes but she is humane and none of us are perfect, I have grown to care about this woman I hope she does findsĀ  someone who will fill her love tank up! Good luck Vicky you deserve better!

Barba... BarbaraHelen

I really thought Joe Buck and Vicky were good together. Funny and cute as if they had been friends forever. Yes he is dating but whoever she is she better seal the deal. I really liked him! So far above the two losers Don(?) and Brooks they don't even breath the same air.

Edwina Fulton

I think they deserved each other.

nonmember avatar janine

Vicki owns nothing...all she does is critize others and when she does the same she complains it's the past... Vicki owns nothing!Tamra needs to grow up and for what ever reason falls for Vicki vindicitve ways. Vicki brings nother but drama to Tamra's life. Tamra needs to open her eyes... Vicki is the "liar face!" why doesn't Tamra see that when all of america sees it!!! Listen to Eddie and Gretchen!! Even Heather strengthed the truth to Tamra. Tamra will one day realize Gretchen is a true friend and Vicki is all about herself... Is Tamra that weak of a person:)

Janice Alvarez

I am so happy that Vicki is getting rid of that Leech off of her he is no good ! She will find someone who will be there for her to take care of her for a change !

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