Kourtney Kardashian Says She Was Raised by Nannies Not Her Mom

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kourtney kardashianWho raised the Kardashian kids, really? Looks like Kris Jenner isn't getting much credit at all, at least from her oldest daughter, Kourtney. In an episode of Keeping Up she and Kourtney argued over how many towels Kim would need for the baby. Kris said she knew better because "I had six kids!" "You had a hundred nannies!" Kourtney lashed back. Ouch, Kourt. Are you claiming you were raised by nannies?

Kris claims she didn't have any help when Kourtney was born. And since Kourt was her first baby, that might actually be true. But we know for certain she employed nannies with the rest of her kids -- I know, because I actually interviewed one of the Kardashian nannies. But that doesn't mean Kris doesn't know anything about parenting... or towels.

True, Kris probably missed out on a lot of the little moments a stay-at-home mom would know about. Maybe she was on her own for a year or so, and then got help when the next babies came along. But I remember Kardashian nanny Pam Behan saying Kris was a definitely involved in the day-to-day details of her children's lives. She was a bit of a micro manager. She may not have witnessed every child's first steps, but she would know how many towels you need. I think she was like that.

So yeah, Kourtney pretty must was raised by nannies. Can we give Kris a little credit, though? I think all the working moms around the world would appreciate it. Kris didn't have to work -- well, maybe not financially, but possibly for her mental health. But that doesn't make her a no-nothing mom. It's okay, though. Kris has thick skin, and I'm sure she wasn't hurt by Kourtney's words.

Do you think Kris Jenner knows a thing or two about parenting, or do you think she was totally uninvolved?


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nonmember avatar tulip

so that makes her no different than any other working mom who sends their kid to daycare 10+ hours a day/5 days a week. big deal...nanny, daycare provider, whats the difference? at least with a nanny they can still be in the comfort of their own home...either way, I pity children raised like that.

Megan... MeganJune03

@tulip "I pity children raised like that" Really?! Would you much rather someone stay at home and live off welfare just to raise their children.  I grew up in a household where the father didn't work so since he didn't work, mom couldn't afford proper health insurance so 4 kids went without proper health care.  I work for health insurance because I want my daughter to healthy and not have to go through what I am having to as an adult. She is very happy in daycare. Believe me I would stay home if I could but this is the choice my family had to make because it is what is best for us. You shouldn't pity children that are raised like that. Instead I think parents should be praised for doing whats doing right for their kids and family.

cleig... cleigh717

Hmmm . Just bc u stay at home doesnt mean u r on welfare. As oong as children r being cared for and tended to, who cares how? I dont think there is an absolute authority on child rearing. I am an authority on raising my own kidsmbut that is bc I spend a lot of time with them and no1 knows them betr than I do. I stay at home with them and we can barely afford to. Luckily with daycare rates so insane, our decision was made for us. Obviously mrs. Jenner is in a completely different world than we live in.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Tulip you're an idiot. Blah blah blah is all I hear. Some women have to work those hours. Most kids in daycare are not in care for 10hrs a day 5 days a week btw. Maybe 30-40 hrs a week.

nonmember avatar C.W.

Kris could have raised her own children she was far from welfare her husband was a well known high price lawyer she didn't have to work!

nonmember avatar MammaLei

@Tulip...so it would be better for us to live under the overpass than for us to have a warm home, decent (secondhand) clothing...good to know...wish I had thought about that when my ex-husband left us with nothing but each other...shouldn't have gone back to work, bad for the kid to have a mother who provides for him...

nonmember avatar Bern Webb

Come on, Kris is the madam to her little whores. No one else could have taught them to be egomaniacal self centered man juice guzzling prostitutes and proud of it.

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