Lea Michele & Cory Monteith's Family Go Through the Painful Steps of Saying Goodbye

Cory MonteithFor what feels like the thousandth time since I heard the sad news late Saturday, again I will say rest in peace to Cory Monteith. After the Glee actor's unexpected death Saturday, Monteith's cause of death was confirmed by the British Columbia Coroners Service as "mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol." Today, news comes out that Cory Monteith's body was cremated in Vancouver following a private viewing with his family and Lea Michele, his girlfriend.

One person not in attendance at the viewing? His estranged father Joe Monteith. Joe tells TMZ that he wasn't told about the cremation until after the fact. Apparently, Joe is "totally devastated" he didn't get to see his son a final time.

We don't know much about Cory's interactions with his father or the relationship between Cory's mother and father, post-divorce. What do we know? That handling an unexpected death is never easy, and Cory's is no exception.

Handling the loss of someone close to you is heartwrenching. When that loss comes at a time you least expect it, it's almost unbearable. It's clear with the pace of things that happened following Cory's unexpected passing that his family and Lea are really "in it," so to speak. They're going through the motions.

Plain and simple: During a difficult time like this, it's so hard to catch your brain and heart up to the unfathomable events at hand. Regardless of the fact that there's no way they're used to Cory being gone and probably won't be for some time, they were forced to face the process. I'm sure that the media circus surrounding Cory's death and the information about how he passed being so public doesn't make it easier for them. To Cory's family and so many of his fans, he will always be an amazing man, a talented man, and a man with a good heart.

My thoughts and prayers are with Cory's family and especially Lea Michele.

Are you still in shock over Cory's death?


Image via Pacific Coast News



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Robert Spears

Yes very much so it is so sad..my hear goes out to lea and his family!!!!

Bobbie Wray Moran

yes I am still in shock,he was so good in the show as actor and singer.i could not deal with the loss of a son or daughter,just by a accident.if someone was with him,he still might be alive

Jen Gossel

yes i'm still shocked i'm with Bobbie i really wish someone went back with him and kept an eye on him or something he would of been with us today still but now he is finally at rest so i kind of wish now people would let it go and hush hush i really dont want this to keep going like when Michael jackson died it went on for months i just want him to be left alone and be at rest now 

Danielle Whooley

yes I am today it really sunk in that he is gone and he really did have a great career ahead of him

nonmember avatar Jina Densing

yes :( went to the memorial at the hotel and dropped off my letter for him <3 seeing all the flowers and letters how many people's hearts cory have touched <3 still in disbelief about it

nonmember avatar Erika

Oh gosh, since i found out i've been listening to glee non stop and even watched some of the older episodes. of coarse it hasn't sunken in that he is gone, he was an an amazing person even though he had some troubled times in his life :'(

Michelle Audibert Shelby

It makes me sick to my stomach every time I read an article or see a picture of him. Being a recovering addict myself I know how easy it is to fall back into that hell they call life. Everyone thinks if someone had been with him maybe he will still be alive. That is probably very true but it could be that he had done the Heroin before he even went out. Addicts are very good at hiding things and that is obvious because Lea had no idea he was using and she spent a lot of time with him. Anyway those are my thoughts. RIP Cori you are missed. Prayers for the family and for Lea.

Samantha Manucci

I still can't believe he is gone. Every time I watch an old episode of Glee I have to remind myself that we will never see his name in the opening credits again or hear his beautiful singing voice or see his adorable smile. Rip Cory

Myranda Monheiser

Yes very much he was taken from this world way to soon and it will be very hard to watch glee with out him/Finn and also not seeing the Rachel and Finn relationship continue. :( RIP Cory

Misty Cody

Rip Cory, and to his family and friends no words can ever comfort you in this time of sorrow, but please know that Cory was a wonderful actor and loved by Millions, and with everything I have read about this young man he was an exceptional human being that was raised with so much love and you need to know he took all that love with him and left his love here for us his family, friends and fan's in his words,in memories as well as on the big screen. Cory will never be forgot but he will forever be missed.

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