'Couples Therapy' Recap: Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Were Right to Call Off the Wedding

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Couples TherapyWell, we finally know why Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra called off their wedding. This week's Couples Therapy gave us a look at the tough childhoods the Michigan teenagers went through. It also let us in on a private session between Tyler and celebrity therapist Jenn Berman.

And from the way Tyler was talking to Berman, there's no way he should marry Catelynn.

Tyler admitted to Berman that he sometimes wonders if he and Catelynn both settled for each other ... and if they're together because they're afraid of being with someone else. Not only are they bound as childhood sweethearts who had a child together and went through the difficult process of adoption, but they both came from tough childhoods.

During group therapy, Tyler revealed that he remembers his father finally coming home from prison when he was just 8 years old, only to then have to watch his dad tackled by police outside his home. At 8 years old, he was outside trying to pull the cops off his dad.

Catelynn's childhood memories were just as painful. She told the group that she remembered wild parties at her home when she was a little girl, often finding her mom passed out. At times Catelynn wasn't able to rouse her mom, and she feared she was dead. It wasn't until she met Tyler that Catelynn seems to have found any real happiness:

I had to go to Tyler's house, and thank God his mom, like saved me She took me in like her own and just let me live there.

But with the many people who have failed her over the years, Catelynn fears Tyler leaving her. He, on the other hand, fears letting her down.

Watching him talk to Berman, it's obvious Tyler feels trapped because he DOES love Catelynn, and he doesn't want to hurt her. But he dropped a lot of words tonight that are giant red flags for any couple getting married, words like "settling" and "easier just to."

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Those are NOT words you hear from an excited groom, someone who is ready to commit to a marriage. They ARE words you hear from someone destined for divorce.

Fortunately for these kids, Tyler has the maturity to put his foot down. He went to Catelynn and admitted he just isn't ready, and that he doesn't think she's ready either.

It was hard to watch Catelynn hide in bed and cry as her world fell apart. But knowing that these two are still together in real life (they just passed the nine-year mark of their anniversary) even though their wedding date has come and gone without them getting hitched, we do know they made it through this tough time.

And if they can make it through this, that should answer a lot of Tyler's questions.

What do you think of Tyler breaking things off?


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wamom223 wamom223

Just because they aren't married now doesn't mean they do it later.  I quit watching this show after the rude comments Flav made about the adoption.  Maybe he thinks putting up your kid for adoption is wrong but it certainly isn't right to have a bunch of kids and not support them.  I'm glad the couple got couples therapy but it just wasn't a train wreck I wanted to give my time too.  I'm still hoping for the best for these too and while I don't know what will happen these two have a bond that will last a lifetime-she didn't put the baby up for adoption and he didn't put the baby up for adoption, they did it together as a team and for that I think they will always have a tie to each other.  I will never forget how the two of them cried after giving Carly to her parents

sand008 sand008


nonmember avatar kaerae

I think this was the right decision, I always thought they should not marry so young, wasn't that half the point of adopting out the baby? I can't say I'm "happy" about it, because I know Cate's heart is breaking, and it's horrible to see. But she still thinks she needs someone else to make her happy, which I understand, I was that way at her age after a traumatic childhood, too. But it will be better for her in the long run if she learns to be complete and happy with herself first, and then seek a relationship. I know she's in so much pain right now, but I hope she gets a lot of individual help for herself, and Ty for himself as well. Maybe they'll find their way back to each other, maybe not, but theirs was never going to turn out like the fairy tale everyone wanted, and I'm glad they made another mature decision in waiting. Best luck to both!

jessa... jessasmamma

I think that given how much they both went through at such young ages, they are doing pretty well for themselves and seem to have good heads on their shoulders. I wish, SO MUCH, that my ex-husband and I had been able to slow down for a few minutes and realize that marriage wasn't right for us at the time we got married. We were so young and so naive. I wish that one of us had been able to realize that we weren't ready and needed more time. If we had been able to do that, and to allow ourselves to grow up some more before we got married, we could have made it work. But we were both young and selfish and immature. I give Tyler major props for standing up and admitting that he's not ready. I'm sure Catelynn is hurt, but I can promise you this - getting married when both of you aren't on the same page and ending up divorced within a few years, would hurt A LOT MORE.

nonmember avatar ejones

I disagree with jessasmama. I got married to young, we were young naive and immature. But we made it through. Being married is a commitment that you don't just give up on. If you got divorced because you were "too young", years down the road you would have found some other reason to get divorced.

Some people are truly committed to marriage and too each other and some aren't.

I hope that catelynn and tyler are in it for the long haul even if they take a break and get back together later on. But i do agree with other readers that she needs to her self together and be happy on her own before she can make a relationship. Watching the show she smothered tyler because she had no one else. Feel sorry for them for how their families were growing up.

nonmember avatar Olivia

I think they made a smart decision, I know exactly what they are going through, my husband and I basically grew up together from ages 18 and 20, we are now 26 and 28. People change, and when you are in your early 20s, your still just a kid in my opinion. They are still trying to figure out WHO THEY are. We struggled with eachother growing up, but our love was still there, eventually we figured things out,stuck through it and we couldnt be happier, we accomplished all our goals together. They need to learn how to balance their love for one another and their growth, maybe they do need a break from one another to see how things go. But whatever they decide, good luck to both!

Nicole Marie Allen

I agree and disagree with "ejones" marriage is a commintment however if ur not ready then that commintment should not be made im married with three kids and im 25 years old got married at 22 yrs.old now its hard now but im old enough to work through any issues and now me and my husband and doing great and I love my family if it was hard for me and i was older then i can only imagine how hard its going to be getting married at a young age tyler did the right thing and catlyn even though she is hurt needs to understand that their not ready and if she cant understand that then she clearly is not ready for marriage. Just because two people go through the worst of the worst of things does not mean that they are ready for marriage marriage is a whole other ball game and it should never be based on what two people have gone through with eachother however should be based upon the love and the respect that two people have for eachother..............Its good to hear that the two are still together my advice keep working on ur relationship and u never know down the road what might happen if its meant to be then it will be if its not then it wont be............


Allyssa Pruter

I stopped watching a while ago, after Farah and Janelle started their crap. But Tyler did the right thing. Good for him. He is man enough to admit he isn't ready. Catelynn will be okay and realize Tyler is right. If he isn't ready, then she needs to wait for him if she wants a happy marriage. I'm proud of Tyler.

nikag... nikagurl5889

I think it was mature of him to,make that decision. Sometimes, as adults we have to,make decisions that will unfortunately hurt the ones we love. It also says alot that they are still together. I'm proud of both of Catelynn & Tyler as I,have been since 16&Pregnant

Rena Gaspar Cazares


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