Will 'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Really Go Home Without a Ring on It? (SPOILERS)

desiree at dinner with brooksJudging from the latest Bachelorette promos, Desiree Hartsock could be in for a world of pain in the coming weeks. We're not exactly sure why, but at one point, she's seen breaking down to host Chris Harrison, sobbing that she just wants to go home! Whaaat ...?! No wonder there's been so much buzz that maybe the season actually ends without an engagement.

Still, let's not be so quick to jump to such a bummer (or schadenfreude-istic, depending on how you see it!) conclusion, eh? Sources have been dishing about what really happened in Antigua ...

SPOILERS ahead! I repeat, DO NOT read if you don't want to know about what happens on Desiree's Bachelorette season finale!

An insider tells Life & Style that YES -- Des and one of her final three did get engaged and she is "right now, absolutely beside herself with happiness." Awww!

We'll get to see it all go down on August 5. "She seems to have a constant smile on her face." Another friend claims, "She's over the moon. Desiree believes she made the right choice."

The source claims the last man standing proposed to Des with a 3.5-carat Neil Lane diamond engagement ring, worth $75,000, on Dow's Hill in Antigua. Oof-ah! And another insider shares how things have been between the happily engaged couple as of late: "They get to see each other once a week" in private locations and are very much still in love.

Well, I would hope so! Especially after what it looks like she went through to get to this point. I know some fans have griped that she's boring, dull, not nearly as sassy as Bachelorettes past, but I heart Des and would love to see her happy and settled with Mr. Right ... who, let's be honest, is most likely going to end up being Brooks.

Maybe the producers even worked in his whole "hesitation" storyline -- whether through editing or even something more contrived? -- to throw us off! So it wouldn't be as obvious that Des and Brooks were smitten with one another from the start. Or there's always the chance he really did take a bit longer to come around to being comfortable falling for someone who was fielding proposals and "I love you"s from other men. (Can't say I'd blame him.) Either way, it sounds like there's no need to worry about the drama that lies ahead, because ultimately, it will all end up working out in the finale that airs August 5.

Would you guess Des is happily engaged right now? To Brooks?

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nonmember avatar Robin Taylor

Initially, I thought it might be Brooks. I now think its Drew. He is the gorgeous, sweetheart of them all, and he really, really loves her. If it isn't Drew, then The Bachelor will be inundated with requests for him to be the next Bachelor!

Linda Herrmann

I think she should end up with Chris. Brooks even said he didn't know how he felt until the last half hour of the last show, so I think he may change his mind and chicken out anyway.

Natalie Desbiens

I'm sure Brooks is the wright guy for Desiree. He's taking his time, he is serious and at the end Brooks is going to say I love you...


Joy Wyse-Thornborough

What a great group of guys that Des has to choose from. They all like each other and truely care so much about her to want her to end up with the right guy .... not so jealous that they are fighting each other and maaking waves in the house. I sure hope it works out for her. Whether it is Drew, Brooks, Chris .... Even it was hard to see Zack go home, he loved her so. ALl the guys are truely amazing. If every season could be as amazing as this one wass. Very genuine! Thanks ABC for an amazing show this season!!!!fingers crossed 

Patsy Barrett

I was hoping she would pick Drew

Donna Tomeo

I was hoping she would pick Drew.

Roberta Howard

I want her to pick Drew.. BUT i believe she picks Brooks and I think it will not last... Brooks is NOT COMMITTED to her or anyone else at least not for now... He seems like a wonderful guy but not for her..


Dee Kirby

I'm thinking it will be Brooks but i sure hope it is Drew. i like Drew. if for some reason she Picks Drew. I Bet Brooks is the next Bachelor.

Puri Shea


Kelly Pittman

come on everyone i like drew too, but hes young and if you listen to her on the show she has said twice she loves brooks so i hope they are happy i hear they are so in love.

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