Adam Levine's Sudden Engagement Is Kind of Baffling

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Adam LevineCongratulations are in order for Adam Levine, who's engaged to Behati Prinsloo. The Maroon Five frontman and The Voice judge isn't exactly known for his "settled down" ways, so the announcement comes as a bit of a surprise -- okay, a freaking tsunami of a shockeroo -- even after he told a magazine, "I'm a fan of marriage." Behati has all of the qualifications of an Adam paramour: She's young (24), skinny, blonde, and a model. But she must have something else going for her considering how many young, skinny, blonde models Adam has squired. Could she be ... preggo?

Hey, I'm not saying she is, but that's the speculation, given the "shotgun"-like speed of the engagement announcement following their breakup in March of this year. Right after that, Adam began dating 21-year-old Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal. No one is quite sure when he traded in Nina for Behati. Maybe yesterday?

Last year, he dated Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna. They broke up and it was only a month later that he started seeing Behati. He's what you might call a fast recoverer.

Adam once told Details magazine that he dates so many women because he "loves" them and thinks they are "the most amazing people" in the world. If you're a young model anyway. Or Jessica Simpson. Or, you know, pretty much anyone else ...

So who is Adam's new fiancee?

Behati was born in Namibia and became a Victoria's Secret angel in 2009. She's been on the cover of Vogue and has modeled for dozens of fashion companies including Chanel, Prada, and Miu Miu. She is best pals with Victoria's Secret angel Candice Swanepoel. She has one of the most uninteresting Twitter feeds I have ever encountered. To celebrate her engagement, she posted a naked pic of herself on Instagram. Mmmm, kay.

Well, Adam Levine seems like a risky proposition for monogamy if you ask me. But who says she even expects it? And what do I know? Maybe these two kids will go the distance. They could be the next Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Or, you know, not.

Do you think they make a good couple?

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Willa... Willa-wonders

I have a good feeling this wont last.


Could you sound any more rejected? Don't know and don't care if they go the distance but,you really need to change up your posts.Why are you always so judgmental and suspicious of everyone and everything? The post you wrote about your Gran was sweet,but that was it, everything else is written with a hairy eyeball.Please try to find some happiness in your life.And by the by,engagements aren't shotgun affairs, weddings are.Could it be that after the break-up they realized they were right for each other?Couples do it all the time,the royal couple is one of those couples.

nonmember avatar JC

I hope you hate your job and are really a nice person deep down. This kind of article is no better than the trash the paps provide.

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