Robert Pattinson's Sexy Blond Co-Star Is the Perfect Kristen Stewart Replacement

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Sarah GadonUh-oh, it sure looks like it's time for the rumor mill to start churning again. Robert Pattinson was spotted with Sarah Gadon in Toronto -- his beautiful blond co-star in the upcoming movie he's filming there, Maps to the Stars.

I know, I know -- they're working together, so it only makes sense for them to be seen in each other's company. The two of them hanging out doesn't necessarily mean a romance is brewing. (Yet.)

But here's an interesting little tidbit to consider -- this isn't the first time Rob and Sarah have co-starred in a flick.

Remember Cosmopolis? Yeah, Sarah was in that movie with Rob too. And oddly enough, she made a point of saying that she "kept her distance from Rob" during filming because she knew he was all hot and heavy with Kristen Stewart.

Do you see what I'm getting at, here? Yep, that's right -- Sarah doesn't have KStew standing in her way anymore, so she's free to get all up in Rob's face and be as close to him as she damn well pleases. (She's got nothing to lose, so why not?)

And based on how hard Rob fell for Kristen when they were filming the Twilight Saga, it wouldn't exactly be a huge surprise if he became enamored with another female co-star. Plus, he's very far from L.A. and his rumored rebound girl, Riley Keough -- so there's a good chance he's about ready to dip his toes back into the dating pool.

And what better place to get back in the saddle than with a gorgeous blond who he'll just happen to be spending the majority of his time with?

I give it about two more weeks before these two are rumored to be madly in love living in a rented Toronto pad with a white picket fence and a baby on the way. (Or something.)

Do you think Rob will wind up dating Sarah?


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Tonya Sills

no way kristen is way way way way prettier

Yiru Liu

Love Kristen forever!

Michelle Law

I hope he finds love again.  He needs that.


Sylviamo Sylviamo

What the fuck ever his not kristens bitch no longer so who cares who he is messing around with.leave kristen alone 100% team kristen.

Lori Fowlkes

Ok he just got in to Toronto so how the hell do you expect us to beleive he's been spending time with her. I read yesterday that he was spotted with Sarah G. in Toronto but he didn't get there till today. Wow just goes to prove how the rumor mill really works. If Rob is seen with another girl or in the same area as another girl or hell just the expectation that he will be spending time with somebody puts him in a relationship or dating situation with that someone.

DaveMel Beard

you say 100% kristen but in the end she was a cheat and broke robs heart......   rob needs a good women by his side who is committed !!!!   once a cheat, always a cheat.

Marie Mullarkey

It would have been difficult for them to have been together in Canada considering he didn't leave LA until yesterday such rubbish here we go on the same old merry go round for Gods sake leave the guy alone and let him get on with his life

Sandie M. Howey

you will write just about anything,

Angelic Guillory

I really believe the fans are tired of the subject  of who is dating who,and what rob and kristen are doing in there personal lives. Which I find very  funny on how writters make up stories just to have something to talk about. Rumors are what break people or even think a couple has broken up , do you honestly beiive all this drama?... who  honestly really knows...UNLESS YOU WERE THERE! haha. I find that funny. people can just say what is happening with the both of them the only truth I can say is what movies there both starring in, writers you need to find another way because you honslty dont know the real truth it is just hear say. Being seen with another star does not mean anything so you dont know squat. please stop making up crappy stories. give these people room to breath. Im sure every morning there tired of seeing what has been written in all the chat sites. It would be interesting if those 2 got back together and kept it from everyone just so they can work things out while the writters come up with more drama, but who knows!! haha  this is the problem we dont know nobody DOES!! 

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