Sick 'Rolling Stone' Cover Shows Accused Boston Bomber Looking Like a Rock Star

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Dzokhar TsarnaevDzhokhar Tsarnaev, the accused Boston bomber, has been charged with horrific crimes for his role in masterminding the Boston Marathon bombing that left so many people wounded or permanently maimed and killed three, including an 8-year-old boy. He is no one's "hero" and he isn't a "rock star," so why in God's name is Tsarnaev posed in a glamorous way on the cover of the August 3 issue of Rolling Stone magazine?

The photo isn't a new one. It's one we have seen before and Dzhokhar didn't play model, posing and getting made up. But the shot is "cool." He almost resembles Jim Morrison and definitely looks like a superstar. Predictably, people are outraged. The article purports to be "deeply reported" and doesn't "glamorize him," but the cover? Well, sorry, but just look at it.

Why is Jeff Bauman -- the man who lost both legs in the attack and made famous by that horrifying photo -- not on the cover? Why not Martin Richard? The little boy who lost his life? Or any of the three victims who lost their lives at the hands of the Boston bombers?

It's horrifying.

People are angry. Some are looking for one million "likes" to get the issue pulled. Others are asking why one of the victims isn't on the cover. Rolling Stone is surely inundated with letters to the editor before the issue is even dated.

Some examples of the outrage from Facebook:

Maybe a pic of the little 8-year-old boy that was killed by this piece of garbage would have made a better cover. Cancel my subscription to your publication.
Awesome bands like Rush and The Cure have never graced the cover, yet you give it to this asshole. Sad.
Wow, putting this guy on the cover of a pop culture magazine in a Jim Morrison pose? Way to perpetuate the notion that crimes on this level will garnish attention for sociopaths who are out to seek it. This is sickening ...

Of course, it won't change a thing. Magazines are notorious for making controversial choices like this in order to sell copies. I am sure it will sell and maybe even in a massive way. The sad truth is the more outrage, the more publicity. It's also true on the web. The more angry people are, the more they read.

If this truly makes you mad, don't buy the issue. Don't say a word and don't share the link to the article. For some reason, people like to be angry and the news media capitalizes on that. So easily manipulated we are. And yet, the outrage is completely justified. Holding this "kid" up on a pedestal like he somehow did anything special just makes others want to emulate it. It's sick. It's wrong. And it will sell.

Do you think this cover is wrong?

Image via Rolling Stone

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Willa... Willa-wonders

How stupid. Really? It looks like they're glorifying what he did. I hope sales drop because of this. Great job ruining the integrity of the magazine.

nonmember avatar Summer

Extremely insensitive and a pathetic attempt to get some press. Who buys this magazine anyway?!

onefo... onefootcutiepie

Well, I kind of think that it reinforces the fact that you never know what's going on in someone's head. Look at that guy. If you saw him on the street, would you have ever thought he would do what he did? We need to get the idea out of our heads that psychos like him look just like the rest of us. And revisit the conversations about what makes people do things like this. The fact that the mag ran it doesn't bother me so much. It's an important issue today, so they ran an article and a cover. People need to stop changing the issue to petty stuff to argue about and focus on the real problems of society. Maybe the point was that we DO glamorize certain people. Maybe that's why they did it. It sure had an impact and reopened the conversation though, didn't it? Mission accomplished.

nonmember avatar citykitty

Not the first time Rolling Stone has chosen a killer for the cover. Yes the photo is a bad choice but what about the Charles Manson cover from the 70s?

abra819 abra819


bills... billsfan1104

You know what is disgusting? You Sasha!! Because you still have not apologized for your blog advocating violence and wishing that there are more violent protests after the Zimmerman verdict. Changing the headline and removing the parts saying you wish there was more violence, doesn't change who you are.

Baile... Bailey8307

Absolutely despicable! I will never buy an issue again if they don't pull the issue and make a public apology. They should be ashamed of themselves!

nonmember avatar Mar

BillsFan: FYI, I have a screen shot of the piece Sasha wrote and not a word of it was changed. Just the headline. Maybe the problem is your illiteracy. Seriously, don't you have a life?

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Bill's inability to stay on topic never fails. The Queen of the Score Keepers.

nonmember avatar laura

CVS has teleased that they will not sell this edition of Rolling Stone as per their Facebook page. So at least one company is standing up and saying they are disgusted too!

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