Kristen Stewart Is Suddenly the Happiest She's Been Since Split From Robert Pattinson

kristen stewartKristen Stewart may not be moving on from Robert Pattinson by dating fellow moody actor Michael Pitt, but she's also not looking nearly as moody as usual! Yesterday, her Camp X-Ray co-star Lane Garrison (who you may also know from Prison Break) posted a photo of himself, Kristen, and Peyman Moaadi on the set of the currently filming flick to Instagram, and the trio looked positively chipper. Yes, even KStew!

Lane wrote, "Shaved head and now we are ready to shoot! @kristenstewart @peymanmodi #campxray"

Well, don't they seem fired up and ready to go ... out?! Could Lane (who is single; Peyman's married) be a potential off-screen love interest as well as colleague for Kristen?

Some fans seem to think so, but eh, I wouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly on that way. More importantly, let's talk about how HAPPY she looks! The woman seems to eat up the biznaz of serious acting, so it wouldn't be a surprise if this gig on Camp X-Ray -- and sure, her co-stars' company -- is helping her not just get her mind off the breakup but cheer up altogether.

Hey, look, she even smiles when she's off-set too --on July 14, the actress was seen grinning from ear-to-ear when she met a friend at a Mexican restaurant in L.A. Geeze, forget a new guy. Clearly, throwing herself into her work is all KStew needs to feel -- and look -- fab again.

Do you hope Kristen is moving on from Rob with her new movie? What do you think of her new co-star Lane?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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nonmember avatar guest

Maressa Brown - you need to get a life. This young woman can't sneeze without you people talking about it. Enough already. Quit the patronizing bullying.

nonmember avatar llopez

I would like to see them find that sparkle they had for each other and that love that you could see when they looked at each other, I would like them to just spend time alone with each other and focus on that and not their friends and hanging out. They have something special and they know it. That doesn't come around often in our lives. Hope everything works out for them. :)

nonmember avatar Jenni

The sparkle they had for each other fizzled when she cheated on Rob. He tried to get it back but couldn't get over her breaking his heart. Seems like they are happier apart than together.

nonmember avatar Jessie

Seriously? How old are you? The idea this is a site for MOTHERS and you write an entire article on her smiling? Grow up. And have some class too while you're at it bc someday someone is going to get on your daughter for not SMILING 24/7 bc it happens to most women, and you are going to feel really awful for your shaming.

Amy Leigh Ridsdale Bernales

well quite frankly i believe a persons personal life is for them only and i am sure people would agree.. poor girl each time something happens its caught via media. Whats not meant to be isnt meant to be so if they dont want to be together and if they are happier then let them be and move on with their life without people hounding them with media such as papparazzi.. Seriously good for them now lets everyone get over it.

Barbara Coleman

I am tolally glad that she is moving on. There is need to wait around for something thats not going to happen again.

Sylviamo Sylviamo

Well good she needs to move on and not bother with her pass. Happy she is doing somlething for her and not for somebody else like rob was making her do girl be yourself always. And always watch what kind of people you hangout with.goodluck and kristen

nonmember avatar Lori

You people are really being pathetic! Since when does one photo of Kristen Stewart smiling with her new costars as they embark on a new job together mean that she's happier than ever? Maybe she's a better actress than you give her credit for? You don't get over a relationship of 5 years in 8 weeks, but you do learn to live your life and move on because you don't really have any choice. Do you expect her to curl up and die because she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore? Stop reporting on nothing. You've obviously never been in a relationship, or through a break-up and you obviously don't have children or you would be a little more compassionate. Why are you writing on this site?

Justins Tennison

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nonmember avatar Ann

I don't get why media reports she does not smile because I have seen literally hundreds of photos in videos where she is very animated and happy. Agreed the photos posted since March with Rob show her looking sad but who wouldn't be when she has been the victim of media bullying for a year. I think other designers and directors are finally realizing the truth and many are coming to her defense. She is a young girl, trying to find her way. Please stop with negative reporting. If you think logically about it she is a girl who had 2 boyfriends in her life and was shown being with her boss 1 day probably trying to make Rob jealous because he was always pictured with other women without her. She is better off now and I love seeing designers discuss her beauty and producers and directors state what a hard working serious and talented actor she is.

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