Farrah Abraham Will Do Absolutely Anything for Attention ... & It Works! (PHOTO)

farrah abraham jesus loves porn starsOh dear ... Farrah's at it again. The Teen Mom-turned-adult film star, fresh out of rehab, attended Chicago's Exxotica conference. Fine, whatever, no big surprise there, right? But it's what she did when she got there that is mind-blowingly annoying. She took a photo with a cardboard cutout that declares, "Jesus Loves Porn Stars." Yuuuuup.

Of course after snapping the pic, she then tweeted it, writing, "Had to do it ;) !! #love #Sex whatever floats your boat." Yeah, whatever floats your boat -- like doing the lowest, most shocking, ridiculous thing you can possibly think to do for attention. And, wait, oh no, that's exactly what we're doing by following her or even commenting on her antics. Agghh!

Seriously, shouldn't something like this be the last straw? Impetus for a battle cry to IGNORE FARRAH?!

By shocking, appalling, and irritating us for press, she's getting exactly what she wants. It's like she's taken the Kim Kardashian-Paris Hilton formula, added in a dash of "I do what I want" Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus-ness, mixed in that Honey Boo Boo/Toddlers in Tiaras shameless fame-seeking agenda, and we EAT IT UP. It's truly horrifying when you think of it that way. (And when you think she may be laughing all the way to bank! Gah!) It's really a case to turn our backs on her -- for good!

Still, easier said than done, right? We just can't tear our eyes away from the trainwreck ... or can we?

Do you care about Farrah's latest antics? What do you think about this one?

Image via Twitter

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kelti... kelticmom

Well here's a wild idea.....HOW ABOUT YOU STOP WRITING EFFING ARTICLES ABOUT HER EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY!?!?!?! How hard is that to figure out?

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Jesus DOES love porn stars. He loves everyone. Also, what kelticmom said.

cecil... cecillesmommy

Kelticmom said it best: STOP WRITING ABOUT HER! No where else is her name mentioned as much as here.

hello... hellokd87

How dare she be compared to Kim & Paris? First of all, Kim & Paris are from wealthy families, the cameras were already there. They THEN made se tapes, it was released (mind you Kim's was made BEFORE she became a household name & she became associated with it, she's not famous BECAUSE OF IT LIKE EVERYONE BELIEVES) & then became famous. Farrah is "famous" for being a teen mom. Yeah, I'd rather wear Kim's shoes ANYDAY of the week & twice on Sunday.

Jacobet Jacobet

I seriously only see articles daily about her on this website. None of the other news sites or gossip sites I read talks about her so much.

Denise Briones

it DID help when we did it to Speidi

nonmember avatar Gina

How about more articles on how awesome Chelsea Houska is and we all just let this girl fade out of the media?

nonmember avatar Sofia

Farrah is a stupid ho3 ! She's nasty!! No self respectful !! I hate this girl!!

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