Lamar Odom’s ‘Other Woman’: 4 Things We’ve Learned About Jennifer Richardson


jennifer richardsonJust in case there were any lingering doubts, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are still going strong. She did not kick him out of the house, and he certainly did not have an affair. That's the official line, and they're sticking with it. But for the doubters who are wondering who Lamar's mystery woman, Jennifer Richardson, really is (oops, I mean, Lamar's alleged mystery woman), here's all the scoop we could find so far.

We already gave you the timeline of Lamar's definitely fictitious affair. But Jennifer Richardson just made her first public appearance since the non-affair was revealed. Shall we meet her? All righty, then.

Tattoos and bandage dress. In the photos published by the Daily Mail, we see a large floral tattoo on one of Jennifer's shoulders, another tat running up her hand to her thumb, and a third tattoo on her chest peeking out from her dress. And that dress? It's a snug bandage dress with cut-outs revealing inner side-boob and what can only be described as mid-center boob.

(Thank you, dress designers, for putting us in the position of creating new geographical names for different parts of breasts.)

She has evidence of the affair. Supposedly Jennifer has plane tickets, basketball ticket receipts, and invoices from her affair with Lamar. (He gave her $3,000, remember?) Is she planning to sell the evidence to the highest bidder? Probably -- just like she probably called in the paparazzi for those photos.

She's hanging in LA. Jennifer was photographed leaving Eden nightclub in Hollywood, but we don't know that she actually lives there. I guess we could speculate that she's in town taking meetings.

Don't assume she's a stripper. According to the story, Lamar met Jennifer at a stripper bar. BUT! We don't actually know that she's a stripper herself. She could have been a waitress or a patron or the date of a guest.

Do you believe Lamar had an affair with Jennifer, or do you think it's all a lie?


Image via Star magazine


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Laura Palmer

She is gross.... and that bandage dress is not helping her cause, yuck!

nonmember avatar d gold

I hope KOURTNEY amd Lamar are not going strong?? It's Khloe lol :P

Frances Locke

WRONG Kardashian. Its Khloe, not Kourtney. I hate that I know that, but I do. 

Tammy Moss Laughery

if u read it right it says lamar and kourtney are still goin strong .......correction dont they mean khloe kardashian WOW!!!!!JS


nonmember avatar mdw

lams not cheating on khloe with this chick. Obviously hes cheating on her with kourtney lol lamar & kourtney are still going strong. I love me some kardashians but i sure didnt know that :p

Sharon Scheffer

i know, who writes these stories, need to get their facts straight -.-

jessi... jessicasmom1

things happen in this ugly world

Darle... DarlenaCater

From what I'm reading it says khloe not kortney I hope he didn't cheat they make a great couple I love there show

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