The Truth About Kristen Stewart's Rumored Rebound Relationship (VIDEO)

This past weekend, U.K. tabloid The Sun reported that Kristen Stewart and Boardwalk Empire star Michael Pitt were seen getting cozy at Paris Fashion Week, and there was more that met the eye between the two! In fact, sources said the broody actor was helping KStew get over Robert Pattinson! We jumped on the story, but the next day, surprise, surprise -- Pitt's rep released a statement denying the buzz.

Get the real scoop on Kristen's "rebound relationship" on today's Daily Stir:

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Who do you think Kristen Stewart should date next?


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nonmember avatar nessa

Who cares who she dates next, its her buisness who are we to say who she should date or shouldn't, I think she just needs to date around explore her options, girl has too much going on to have a serious relationship and that's perfectly okay.

Sandra Jackson Niedermeier

i don't care who she dates, she needs to learn how to act, she does the same things in her movies, TRY TO BE ORIGINAL KSTEW

Lori Fowlkes

I think she should date my son.

Blimberg Aliskova

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Lisa S. Gains

leave them both alone they have the right to date who they want.

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