Scott Disick Gives Kourtney Kardashian a Ring -- Finally! (PHOTO)

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kourtney and scott Scott Disick may be quite the personality and have an affinity for walking canes, but I for one think that he and Kourtney Kardashian are perfect for one another. Despite not being man and wife, the couple who have been dating since 2006 are happy together with their two children Mason (cutest little boy EVA) and Penelope. The adorable fam took some time to celebrate Penelope's first birthday Sunday -- with a whole slew of balloons and their closest loved ones.

But just wait. Sure, Saturday was about Penelope, but Lord Disick took it upon himself to give Kourtney an extra something special. Not just any something, either. A ring. A HUGE ring. And he posted it on Instagram with the caption: "Finally did it."

Could Kourtney and Scott finally be engaged?! Well ... let's take a look at the shiner, shall we?

Scott disick ring

Ha! Yeah okay, my guess is definitely not. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they just went and got married tomorrow at city hall because, heck, they can.

What I love about the couple, though, is that they don't feel the pressure to do things by the book. Kourt and Scott seem perfectly content in this crazy life they lead. Whether the oldest Kardashian sister and her boyfriend tie the knot, not much is going to change. They're still called "Mom" and "Dad." They're still happily in love. They're still hilarious together. For now, love is the only thing that matters with or without an actual ring.

Do you think Kourtney and Scott will get married soon?


Images via KourtneyKardash, letthelordbewithyou/Instagram



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nonmember avatar mm

there is nothing to love about this couple. whenever two people dont want to get married, unfortunatly society questions why. for him i think it's obvious. FAME. for her, it's a little more deep rooted. she obviously has hesitations about marriage due to the fact that her parents split up, and sister married twice, the last one ending in a grand total of 2 minutes. in my opinion, kourtney is selfish and just wanted a sperm doner. she knows scott is a cheater, but she still wanted to have kids with him. she knows he's trouble, so she wont let him put a ring on it. but she will subject him to her kids.

Cooks... Cookster792

No she's afraid she'll end up getting divorced like her parents did. She has admitted this on tv.


Jacobet Jacobet

She probably is worried they will divorce and he will take half her money, they do live in California.

Hannah Downer

Mkissing dady faience asked me at my nieces birthday party with a princess ring from a cupcake, two months later he bought me a diamond! So love is possible even with a balloon ring!

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