‘Teen Mom 3’: Meet the New Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout (VIDEO)

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teen mom 3Get ready for all new baby mama drama! Teen Mom 3 is set to premiere on August 26 and we have a sneak peek. The new cast comes from season 4 of 16 and Pregnant as they face life as young moms who don't have a clue what they are doing. Check out the video. It could be MTV's craziest installment yet.

Among the new moms: Alex's dreams of opening a dance studio are permanently on hold as she juggles three jobs. Things are so bad between Briana and her baby's father that she left him off the birth certificate. Katie hopes motherhood won't end her education. She is taking online classes at a community college and dreams of transferring to a four-year university. Former cheerleader Mackenzie is engaged to her son's father, but they hit a devastating rough patch. Your heart will break, not just for these teens, but also for the innocent babies caught in the middle.

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It's hard to watch these girls go through this. Any adult who has had a child knows how difficult it is to raise a child when you have an education, job, and steady support system. None of which these girls have. If anyone thinks Teen Mom glamorizes teenage pregnancy, they clearly have never watched an entire episode.

Will you watch the new season of Teen Mom?

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nonmember avatar Dawn

I really wish MTV would get a clue and stop making this show. Does it glamourize teen pregnancy, well to an adult, the answer would be no. To an impressionable and immature teenager? Maybe. In this culture of reality star worship that seems to be taking over the media, many girls may see this as drama they want to be included in. This show is bad all the way around....

nonmember avatar aimee

teenmom does NOT glamorize teen pregnancy

nonmember avatar kaerae

What show are you watching, Dawn? Not a single girl has finished college as they had all planned, we have watched most of their dreams slip away, nearly all the babydaddy's jump ship, etc. Glamorize? Sure, there's the money, but any girl who gambles that she'll be the one in a million who gets put on the show is probably already too dumb not to get pregnant.

Lindsay Christine Kelsey

I agree with Dawn. In this day and age, you can become famous for doing absolutely nothing. I personally don't think MTV is TRYING to glamourize teen pregnancy...the mothers on the show are doing it for them. How many of them have you seen at movie premieres, and hosting events in Vegas? They have millions of Twitter followers and are followed by paparazzi. They're famous whether they like it or not. And I'm sure they don't mind getting that big fat paycheck from MTV, either.

nonmember avatar Aubrey

I have no idea what show your watching, but the teen mom I watch doesn't glamorize teenage pregnancy in any way at all. It simply shows the hardships a young mother is forced to go through, and the effects of these hardship on her personal relationships. It's about informing teens of their personal struggles so they can see from first hand accounts that its not easy and that it can happen to them if they chose to not learn from others mistakes!

Not every teen is that "impressionabe," but those that are can clearly get the impression that teen pregnancy is something that they can avoid, and an intelligent young girl watching the show should realize that's something she doesn't want to put herself or her family through!

Aubre... Aubrey511

I don't know what show you are watching, but the teen mom I watch does not glamorize teenage pregnancy in any way. It simply shows the hardships a young mother must go through and the effects of these hardships on her personal relationships; so that teenagers can see from first hand accounts of real people that being a teenage parent is very channelling. It's all about informing teens that if they are choosing to be sexually active they need to take necessary precautions to ensure that they too don't have to go through some of the same struggles as the people they see on TV. Teens learn that teen pregnancy can in fact happen to them if they choose to not learn from others mistakes and take control of their life.

Not all teens are that "impressionable" but those that are clearly get the impression that teen pregnancy is something that is extremely challenging and ultimately something that they should strive to prevent, by listening to and learning from other people's stories that they get to see on TV each week.

Christina Jones

I honestly think this is getting out of control. Yes I know I have been supporting it all this time, but now that I have my own daughter I have grown myself and when I see these kids having their own and seeing them fight physically with their baby daddy with the baby in their arms!!!!!!!! I feel horrible for those children it makes my stomach churn and my heart race and I just want to cry. I feel like MTV should realize what its showing to their viewers. Its almost disturbing. Those children should not be around that those kids need therapy not cameras in their faces 24/7! How do they know thats not whats making it worse?? Who wants to be followed around by cameras 24/7???

Amanda Turner

Teenagers are really impressionable and naive...It does make it look like it is all going to be ok.  Sorry, but Farrah and Maci both had breast augmentations and made a career out of the show.  I haven't seen any of these girls ACTUALLY struggle....I was a mother at 18 and I sacrificed everything for my son...there were alot of times when I couldn't eat just to feed him.  My mom had foster "children" and one specifically got pregnant on purpose it was rediculous she quit her birthcontrol making all kind of excuses and would not use protection with any of the many boys she would sleep with ON PURPOSE.  Needless to say she is an aweful mother even though she is 20 and all of her friends that she went to school with [that are younger than her] have all purposely gotten pregnant as well....Not one of them are married and they all are delusioned into thinking that this is the right way to make a "family"....also, all of these girls party constantly and blow their facebook up with "can someone watch the baby tonight? I just need "me" time"  btw....this is like 3 times a week!!!!  Sorry but I didn't go out the entire first year of my son's life....and when you have 700 fb friends and when someone offers to babysit you don't even know where they live....that is a stranger not a friend.  The show perpetuates a sense of "this is normal."  And it is not normal.

Amanda Turner


Roxane Alleyne

I was an adult when I had my kids and it was difficult. These girls have no idea and the sad part of it all is that they are exposing their babies to it all.

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