Jenelle Evans Shows Us How She Has Fun in Bed With Her Boyfriend (PHOTO)

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I'm sorry, but I'm totally obsessed with Jenelle Evans and her new boyfriend Nathan Griffith. He's gorgeous, seems like a good guy, and hello? He's completely brought out a side of Jenelle we've never seen before! Yeah, I know she's technically still married, yada yada yada, but still -- this guy has completely changed the Teen Mom for the better.

And I really think these two will go the distance. Want to know why? Because Jenelle has tons of fun with Nathan. Specifically in bed. Yeah, you heard me. Check out the recent picture Jenelle shared and get ready to feel instantly jealous:

How CUTE are they together? I can't even deal!

I know it's only a picture, but a picture speaks a thousand words, right? I think that's the saying, but hey, regardless, I'm pretty sure this picture is saying Jenelle and Nathan are the real deal. And that's just plain to see.

He clearly makes her happy. And you know what? I'm happy for her. Bravo, Jenelle! Looks like you finally found yourself a winner.

But just one question ... who the heck is taking this picture?

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Do you think Jenelle and Nathan will last?

Image via PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Meg

Im not jealous my fiancé can do that too

Jamie Baldwin

No...she will screw it up somehow.

nonmember avatar Dani

You are disgusting. Are you 12?! She's still as irresponsible as ever. Just because she has a new bf and seems "happy" doesn't make her a better person. Where the hell is her son?! 4 years and still NO child. You should be ashamed of yourself for writting this crap and support the type of behaviour that leads to drug addiction, child neglect, breakibg the law and being a complete disgrace.

Jilli... Jillie0918

I  see the penis print. OWWWWWW ;)

nonmember avatar Gina Antosz

Hopefully he changes her for the better. Jenelle isn't the perfect mother at all. She screwed up big time. But if you look back she's slowly but surely becoming a better person. She's making an effort to see Jace. Drug addiction isn't something you go to rehab and then you get clean immediately. My dad has been in jail at least 7 times for 6 months each time and still continues to do heroin. My moms friend is the same way. They went right back to it immediately. Apparently none of the haters have never experienced someone close with drug addiction. ITS NOT EASY GETTING OVER IT. Its something that takes lots of time and effort. My father is a weak person when it comes to these things. Jenelle may be a weaker person as well. But hey she tried right? She tried to keep it together. Tried to get Jace. Trying is all you can do. Just have to stay away from the bad people and with the good ones.

nonmember avatar jennifer

this picture does speak volumes, like who is the 3rd person in her bedroom watching them have these intimate moments!

nonmember avatar Christa

It's Taylor Lewis taking the picture.

nonmember avatar mbiddy

She's only happy in the beginning of her relationships, SOS! He's my soul mate, my Mom loves him, Jace loves him when in reality the ONLY time she's seen Jace in last few months is recently and ONLY for filming TM2! I watch her because I am fascinated at just how stupid and how much of a train wreck she is! Reminds me that my home and family life are almost perfect! F O U R. Y E A R S. and no fighting FOR Jace. His Mom's choices to do drugs, party and constantly make herself happy by bedding multiple men is well documented. Thanks Jenelle for making sure that this beautiful little boy may grow up with insecurites, self doubt and just wondering why he wasn't important enough to keep her there with him! Can't get along with your Mom you say is the problem??? Get a job and live near your child and see him daily! You make efforts! Just so you guys don't have a cow, if she DID change AND see her Son and it be for the whole year and not one week then I would stand behind her. Other than that she is nothing but a messed up, drug addicted, man hopping ho! Find one person from her past that is still her friend and really knows her and her fam! Can't, can you? Grow up Jenelle

nonmember avatar Mya

I glad for jenelle yea she made her mistakes but that's why it's called learn from your mistakes and jenelle finally found a guy who loves her and hopefully faithful to her she's making a effort to see her son. Fuck the haters jenelle I'm happy for u keep up the good work girl.

nonmember avatar lou

I wonder how many men she's slept with in her bed. Makes it easier to put another notch in the ol' headboard though, doesn't it?

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