Brandi Glanville Isn't 'Spiraling Out of Control' -- It's Just Brandi!

brandi glanville
It's just Brandi!
Cut Brandi Glanville some slack, people. Just because she was photographed more wasteyface than you were on your 21st birthday doesn't mean the girl has a problem. She was just unwinding on a random weeknight after what surely was a stressful day of work. Like you've never done that.

Okay, so you probably haven't gotten that drunk ... ever. But I'm not so sure I'm ready to say The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is "spiraling out of control", like others are speculating. It's just Brandi, guys! You say "spiraling", I say "fun"!

In response to an accusation Radar Online made about Brandi, saying she was on a downward spiral, the reality star tweeted: "Dear @radar_online, Not spiraling out of control, I've had a rough month, family, dog missing, lawsuit, gross man selling storys, I had 1 bad nite."

Now, while I certainly don't advise partaking in Brandi's infamous drunken behavior, I really don't think her antics were meltdown-worthy. She had too much to drink. It was an isolated incident. What has she done beyond that that says "out of control"? Sure, we'd do more than raise an eyebrow if Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie displayed this type of behavior, but again, it's just Brandi. I mean, I love the girl, but let's get real here. She's not exactly the classiest lady on the block. She has a book called Drinking and Tweeting, for crying out loud.

If Brandi is ever photographed that hammered again, I think it's cause for concern. But one time? I think we can give her a pass. It's just Brandi!

(Side note: If Glanville ever gets her own sitcom, I think that's how the opening credits need to end -- iris in on Brandi, throwing her hands up in the air with a voiceover that says, "It's just Brandi!")

What do you think of this? Spiraling out of control?

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nonmember avatar Debs

I'm sure this comment won't get posted but, I think it's horrible that your site makes excuses for Brandi's behavior! Drunk is one thing, being out in public half naked....well, there is just NO excuse. Sorry, CafeMom and Brandi, you don't get a free pass for acting this way, EVER!

JaneD... JaneDoh57

So what? when Roseanne Barr grabbed herself, mooned people, disrespect the National Anthem, she was sober bit got a pass. Brandi is beautiful so I doubt anyone was looking away

Cindy Main

I think brandi's in emotional trouble. I hate the way people critisize others when they need lifting up. She's not Just brandi.. She's two boys mom, Someones Daughter, friend, sibling maybe..She also is a reality star. I can't say that.

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