Former 'Bachelor' Is a Total Hypocrite for Bashing 'Teen Mom'

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Jake PavelkaPoor Jake Pavelka! It seems no one has been paying attention to the former Bachelor star lately, so he had to stir up a scandal by picking on someone else. Pavelka's target? Teen Mom.

Pavelka, who has starred on five -- count 'em, FIVE -- reality shows over the years has pulled out the tired old "glamorizing teen pregnancy" line about the MTV reality show in an interview with Radar that amounted to nothing other than his griping about the teen stars:

It is not cool and that is what that show does is it makes it seem like it’s cool to go get pregnant in high school out of wedlock.

Um, Jake, you know what's not cool?

Telling the world that the answer to true love is to have a TV network find 25 women so desperate for attention that they'll sign up to be dicked around by you on national television. Even crappier? Breaking up with your supposed true love (Vienna Girardi), thereby proving that the show you were on was a load of bull pucky, and then jumping on ANOTHER reality show (cough, Bachelor Pad, cough, cough) to find the woman who will make your heart go pitter pat.

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Still want to throw stones, Jake? Cause this house is made of glass!

I'll be the first to say the Teen Mom series is imperfect. The fallout from Amber Portwood's explosive scenes on camera, in particular, is proof that MTV does not have it all figured out with this documentary series.

But most teens I've talked to who have watched Teen Mom have said it's a sobering look at what happens when you end up a teenage parent. It is not glamorous. It's pretty awful.

In fact, Pavelka is half right. Being a teen mother is NOT cool.

Fortunately, anyone who actually watches Teen Mom (rather than simply reading the tabloid stories) can see that pretty readily.

Anyone who watches The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad, on the other hand, is being fed a load of romantic BS that will help ... who exactly? Little girls who still believe in fairy tales? Little boys who still think it's OK to objectify women?

Sorry, but I'll take the harsh reality of what it means to face the abrupt end of childhood when you get pregnant any day over that claptrap.

Do you think Jake Pavelka is right or is he a hypocrite?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I think he's probably never watched teen mom.

Vinta... VintageWife

It is a train wreck kind of show but it's hilarious that he would star on reality shows and then bash others.

nonmember avatar honestrealist

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I honestly can't watch the show anymore. I believe it has gotten way out of hand. Why is it ok for this original poster to bash this guy, yet unacceptable for him to speak his mind? The original poster is completely one sided and needs to get off the couch and learn some journalistic etiquette.

nonmember avatar Gina

Teen Mom certainly doesn't glorify teen pregnancy. All of these girls have their own baggage to start with, and it gets magnified by having a child. I knew a lot of girls in high school who got pregnant on purpose (BEFORE 16 and Pregnant ever aired) because they thought it would force somebody to stay with them. These shows give teens a glimpse of how getting pregnant that young changes your life and makes it harder to accomplish what you want while your friends get to continue being carefree teenagers and the baby daddy hardly ever sticks around to support them. Nothing glamorized there.

Yeah, these girls get paid to be on the show, but so do any other reality stars and it certainly doesn't solve any of their problems. Jenelle, Farrah, and Amber all had/have major issues to deal with.

nonmember avatar dalia

Teen mom is definitely just for glamorous they are not stopping teen pregnancy they are just increasing it cuz they dont really show any of the struggles its basically saying get pregnant and u will be famous how is it just to show how hard it will be cuz for them its not they get paid alot of money to be on tv so they r not struggling

nonmember avatar FM

For once Jake's right

nonmember avatar kaerae

I think people who say the show glorifies teen pregnancy have never watched it. NONE of the girls have become what they aspired to, all their lives have been derailed, they all regret having kids so young. What show are these people watching?

nonmember avatar Heather

I agree with him, more and more people are pulling out shows about teens getting pregnant while still in school, first 16 and pregnant, then teen mom, high school moms, me and my teen daughter are pregnant, and so on, soon baby lisa off dog the bounty hunter is going to have a show for teen moms. I find it stupid that they are finding more and more ways to say teen pregnancy is a good thing when its not, more girls in the school i graduated from are pregnant then any adult in my county, heck, an 11 year old was pregnant. I am sick of seeing girls below 16 having kids, they need to grow up before having a kid and half the kids on teen mom and 16 and pregnant still need to grow up, all they do is whine about their baby daddy not being there or how there mom and dad aren't supporting them or how their friends dont wanna hang out. Because your having a kid at a young age, your friends have better things to do, your parents are disappointed, you bf isn't ready to settle down with just one woman at a young age. So yeah, with you on that Jake.

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