'RHOC' Vicki Gunvalson Says Gretchen Rossi Is Hypocritical 'All the Time'

Vicki GunvalsonVicki Gunvalson was Andy Cohen's guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight, along with sports commentator Joe Buck. There were woo hoos, fun, and games galore (SharkShadeNo!).

And, of course, there was talk of the drama between Vicki and Lauri Peterson and the drama between Vicki and Gretchen Rossi. First up, Vicki proved that she doesn't know what "hypocrisy" means. Andy read a question from a viewer asking her to define both hypocrisy and ironic. Her answers were a little ... wobbly.

"Ironic means something kind of the same," she said. "Hypocrisy means that what you’re doing is okay if I’m doing it." Hmmm, not according to my dictionary, but I think she does understand what a hypocrite is, or at least let's hope so, because she called Gretchen a big one.

"I’m sure I have been hypocritical at times, but Gretchen is hypocritical all the time," she said. Those are fighting words for sure.

Speaking of fighting, the reunion they just filmed sounds BRUTAL. Vicki joked about having to get stitches removed afterwards, and said that it was so intense that Andy called her the next morning to make sure she was okay.

As for Gretchen and Tamra Barney's friendship, which has been on shaky ground lately, we got a BIG hint as to where their future lies. Andy read a text that Tamra sent in telling Vicki she looked hot and blaming her for making her become friends with Gretchen. So I guess she's not wearing the friendship bracelet any longer?

As for Vicki's relationship with Brooks Ayers, it sounds like things are over for good. She called him a "great man" and said that she wants the best for him but that "it's really a big bummer." Here's to hoping she's a little more selective when it comes to filling her love tank in the future.

Who do you think is a bigger hypocrite -- Gretchen or Vicki? Any predictions as to what you think will go down at the reunion?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Okay, the statute of limitations on braided pigtails ran out about 4 face lifts ago, Vicki.

Rhonda Smith


nonmember avatar Junie

Vicki is GROSS. I feel sorry for her family(especially her children). Not only is she a world class bully and mean girl, but it is now clear that she is an ignoramus to boot!

Donna Lockwood McCool

Vicki of course.She acte e is the biggest liar of them alls like a puritan.But it all is coming out.She is the biggest liar of all.I think if someone bothered to check on her past,we would all be suprised.

Pamela Mayer

Vicki without hesitation. And watch the remark re: braids. I still wear mine. With long hair you have to sometimes.

nonmember avatar Barbara Adams

Last nights show (Watch What Happens Live) was the best one ever! Vicky was funny and Joe Buck was a gentleman. They were good togeather. LP needs to go back wherever she was and keep her sanctimonious mouth shut. To play 'well shucks folks I didn't say that....' card is so duplicitous and disingenuous it's insulting. T, it figures she'd be the one to get her tongue stuck. Now that's the real meaning of ironic. G well baby T was a snake to begin with so you haven't lost anything. But I do agree drop S and run like the wind. You're young, beautiful, and smart.

Sandie Hunt Simpson

Vickie needs to known up what she says or has say in the past. Vickie thinks she is never wrong. All of them need to be thankful for what they have and Vickie needs to stop yelling all the time and talk normal she always yells when she is put in her place

Kelly Smith

Vicki is a "liar face" and she never looks at what shes does with any accountability or responsibility.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Vicki has issues but Gretchen is pathetic. She should look for another sugar daddy bc Slade won't be able to afford her lifestyle and looks don't last forever. She has no talent or personality. She cannot pronounce some of the easiest words. What IHOP did Bravo find her at?

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