'Bachelorette' Recap: Desiree Hartsock Loves a Man Who Might Not Want Her

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Desiree Hartsock Brooks ForesterI'm not even going to bother beating around the bush, here -- Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's hometown dates all went way better than they should have. I mean, pretty much all four families embraced her with open arms and think she's all that and a bucket of chicken -- to the point where none of them would be upset if she wound up being a permanent part of their crew. (What the heck? Usually there's that one family who thinks the Bachelorette is the anti-Christ.)

But let's go ahead and state the obvious -- Desiree's mind is already made up. Duh, the girl is head over heels for Brooks. She's even admitted that she loves him more than once, and even went so far as to tell Chris Harrison she's hoping he'll propose at the end.

Which means that's it, right? The show is over?

Well, not quite. Because even though he's sort of starting to warm up to her, Brooks doesn't seem like he's quite ready to put a ring on her finger just yet. (Even with his beloved mama's approval.)

But Zak sure was. OMG. The poor dude. I felt so bad for him when his name wasn't called at that rose ceremony, but boy -- did he handle being dumped like a total class act or what? (I smell an offer from ABC to be the next Bachelor. He's a shoo-in after the little sob story he gave in the limo.)

And Chris and Drew are all smitten with her too, which is sort of embarrassing considering they found out tonight (after watching the episode) that the only dude Des admits being in love with is the one who isn't sure he wants her. Go figure.

That brings us back to Brooks, who Des has clearly fallen for, but who as of yet isn't willing to confirm his feelings for her or whether or not he has any intention of getting down on one knee at the end of this thing.

You know what they say -- women want what they know they can't have. And as of now, Des may love Brooks, but she doesn't have him yet.

And based on the previews for her final three overnight dates in Antigua, it definitely looks like she's in for another dose of heartache -- judging from her sobbing and telling Chris she "just wants to go home." (What's that all about?)

Damn. Wouldn't it be a crazy twist of fate for Des to have made up her mind this early only to wind up alone, without Brooks, and with no ring on her finger? (That would really suck.)

Do you think Brooks is in love with Desiree?


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since... sincerelyjessxo

I do. You can tell by the way they act together. I just don't think he's ready to be head over heels in fear of heartbreak. Des still has 3 guys and he doesn't want to get hurt. That's more than understandable. I think he holds a lot back, he's a reserved person unlike some of the idiots on there. I was surprised to see zak go home and not drew. Drew is too weird for me everything is so intense with him it's awkward. I could definitely see zak as the next bachelor. He did handle leaving with a lot of class so props to him.

Mike Cobb

If there is any justice, Brooks will dump Des ... and then the remaining men will follow his example.  After all ... who wants to be anybody's second choice?  Desiree fell for Brooks the first time she laid eyes on him; and the season was over before it had a chance to get started.  And she played 24 men for fools on national television.  Bryden was the only one of the bunch who kept his wits and had the stones to make a decision based on an accurate assessment of the situation, and he quit!  He has my absolute respect.

The moral to the story goes like this:  No GROWN man is going to develop deep feelings for any female who is still playing Backseat Bingo with multiple other men.  And a committed relationship with said female is absolutely out of the question. 

Paula Manrow

why watch it since you all are saying about her and Brooks.

Carole Rail

Yes I think Brooks love Desiree or other way around. They are natural way togerther. Simple things is soo wonderful, romantic.

Patsy Barrett

I was hoping she would pick Drew.



nonmember avatar Heather P

Zak for next bachelor!!!!

Roberta Howard

I say NO it is a one sided romance.... Brooks is not into her... She likes to think he will come around... 

I agree no one wants to be second choice for a husband... I wanted Drew.. But Zak should be the next Bachelor.. Des is dizzy... I think she will end up ALONE.

Evelyn Young

no not at all. he seem to be very cool towards her not love material. if she picks chris , I think good match. drew's to nice. plain.

Sunny Rowe

I love Brooks... and he is honest about who he is, and he is a strong family man, who doesn't want to make mistakes.  But lets talk Zak!  LOVE THIS BOY!  Been me, I would have shut the thing down, because if the guy can make you laugh he's got it 80% in the bag already.  He must MUST be the next bachelor.  The way I see it is Des, because she believes all things are possible, is wooing Brooks. I like Drew, but he leaves me lukewarm - sweet or not.  Chris is great, too. I wish her the best. For me, Zak is the whole package!

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