'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Barney May Need to Give Gretchen Rossi Her Friendship Bracelet Back

Gretchen Rossi Well, that was an unexpected blast of positivity and happiness on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies' trip to Canada actually ended on a fun, happy note, and a good time was had by all -- that never happens when Housewives travel.

One minute there was nearly a knock-down, drag-out fight on the slopes with screaming that could be heard across the land, and the next they were knocking back shots and laughing and joking with one another. Of course, there was some drama in between, but the happy ending did throw me a little, especially because Vicki Gunvalson and Lauri Peterson went an entire evening without screaming at each other.

I have to tell you, I keep trying to see Lauri's side of things, but all I see is her spinning tales and bringing up irrelevant crap that happened in the past (or may not have happened at all). Regarding the email (or phone call?) her husband's ex-mother-in-law sent Vicki SEVEN YEARS AGO, it sounds like it's Jeana Keough she should be mad at, not Vicki. I thought she had a much deeper issue with Vicki than that.

I also couldn't stand the way Lauri kept inappropriately interjecting into the conversation at the first dinner tonight, just trying to incite Vicki. She's a trouble maker looking for some attention, and I'm ready for her to leave yesterday. She and Vicki agreed to sit down and talk things out after the trip, but Vicki has no intention of doing so, and I don't blame her.

Also barking down Vicki's neck was Gretchen Rossi. Could she please get over it? Yes, Vicki implied that Gretchen might be a gold digger five years ago, but so did pretty much everyone else in the world. Move on, Gretchen. Vicki has admitted infidelity in her marriage, what more do you want? Oh, that's right -- the destruction of Tamra and Vicki's friendship.

Also bubbling to the surface was all the tension between Gretchen and Tamra Barney. Tamra's starting to see the old Gretchen again and caught her in what she and Heather Dubrow claim was a lie about an acting gig. It seems pretty shady, and while they hugged it out and all, Tamra definitely seems leery of their relationship. Given Gretchen's track record, that's probably wise.

OMG moment of the night -- Tamra getting her tongue stuck on the ice. Seriously?

Do you think Lauri and Vicki will ever make up? Do you think Gretchen and Tamra's friendship is headed for disaster?


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nonmember avatar Sugart5

Tamara is nothing but a trouble maker! The way she flip flops around, show signs of being bipolar.

Jennifer Corcoran-Oakes

Um...did anybody notice how the producers of Malibu Country went Heather LAST? Because everyone else turned them down? First they went to Gretchen, then to Alexis...then, only after those two turned them down, did they go to the 'actress' Heather. 


nonmember avatar Sam

Tamra is the one who said. Hold on to your daddies girls about Gretchen, Jeana said at one of the reunions that the guy Gretchen was cheating on Jeff with had left his clothes in Gretchen's bedroom floor & on a different reunion if I recall correctly Vickie did say there were infidelity on both sides. So I don't get why that narcissistic fame whore Gretchen is up Vickie's ass on all of it.

nonmember avatar Marissa Mokely

I cannot stand Tamara anymore. She thinks she's perfect. Vicki is a huge hypocrite. Plain & simple

nonmember avatar Barbara

I personally cannot stand Vicki, especially when she starts screaming she truly looks hideous.....Those women are truly the epitome of ugliness and by that I mean how they portray themselves on TV and I am sure a lot of the scenes and subject of the episodes are all made up to draw one in to watch and to keep these women relevant....For me all the Housewives have lowered their standards and these women portray themselves in the worst possible manner...Just saying...

Genie Simi Heldt

Vicki and Tamra are classic mean girls. They can really dish it out, but when something is flung back at them, they play the victim. Especially Vicki. She hates the word hypocrite so much because she knows it perfectly describes her. Personally, I think Tamra and Vicki deserve each other. There will be another blow up in their future. That's a definite given. As for Gretchen, she was dumber than a box of rocks to get involved with Tamra in the first place. Tamra was on the rebound from Vicki leaving her and she needed someone who made her feel good about herself. But tht isn't the only reason Gretchen is stupid. She's going to marry Slade who in his own way is every bit as sleazy as Brooks. Tamra once said on the show that she was afraid of Vicki. I can certainly believe that. Vicki sees herself as the Alpha mean girl and Tamra has her head so far up Vicli's ass, I doubt she'll ever see daylight again. It's time for a cast overhaul in the OC. I hope Heather stays though because I like her. 

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Lauri left the show before, maybe its time for her to exit again. But she can't bc she needs the spotlight. Gretchen is angry bc of Slade. She was accused of this bs seasons before but just found her voice now bc she has no friends. Run Tamra Run!!!!

nonmember avatar Jody Beaubien

Well clearly whoever writes the article has her favorite (Vicky). PLEASE Vicky deserves everything she gets! She is the definition of hypocrite. Tamara is pure trash . I try to like her then she dies this crap.

Joyce H Reiss

Why is Lauri back on the show?  We don't need another nasty, lying housewife!

nonmember avatar C Ice

Everyone of you that write on these blogs, are you still believing the scripts that Bravo hands out to these ladies?. This is no longer reality this is a scripted show......quit hating...your knocking years off your life with your anger and hate! It's a soap opera!

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