Couple on Way to Dave Matthews Concert Pick Up a Hitchhiker & Guess Who It Is! (VIDEO)

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They say no good deed goes unpunished, but that wasn't the case with a couple of Good Samaritans who were driving and happened to see a man on the side of the road having trouble with his bike. The couple, Emily Kraus and her boyfriend, Joe, were on their way to a Dave Matthews Band concert in rural Pennsylvania when they saw a man whose bike had apparently broken down. The stranded man had no cellphone on him and had resorted to hitchhiking, so the couple did what a lot of people these days would not do -- they picked him up. Imagine their surprise when the man turned out to be ... Dave Matthews!

Dave, like any megastar worth millions of dollars, was biking incognito to his concert, which was due to start in a few hours. Actually, most stars would be in their limo drinking some champagne and taking selfies for Instagram. But this is Dave Matthews.

The couple were flabbergasted to see that the man they picked up was the man whose concert they were on their way to see -- but naturally they wanted to get him there on time. And they did.

Dave was so grateful, he gave them front row tickets and invited the pair backstage and then to dinner. He even paid tribute to them during the show, saying:

I did not have a cell phone on the bicycle. So I thought, 'Sh*t.' And then a nice lady named Emily rode up in a red car with a bicycle rack on it and gave me a ride on to the gig.

Dave also signed their tickets "Thanks for the ride" and took pictures with them.

What a sweet story. I can't think of too many celebs who would be so humble and cool like this. Nor can I think of too many who would ride their bike to a concert, but this isn't Mariah Carey we're talking about. How nice that the couple had such a fantastic experience with a guy they idolized! Emily says the whole thing has been "surreal" and she woke up still not quite believing it.

Now, Dave, you might want to look into a car and driver.

Have you ever had a brush with fame?

Image via CNN/YouTube

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nonmember avatar aimee

yes iI met mary badham and have her autograph

tuffy... tuffymama

I don't really care for DMB, but this is cute. I have met lots of famous people because of where I live, my career, and my hobby. Most have been charming and delightful. Paula Deen's sons are boorish assholes. Christine Baranski is prettier in person, and her speaking voice IRL is the lilting voice of Mother Nature. Love her! Rue McLanahan was a super peach. Robin Roberts is SO tall and willowy, polite, and very regal. Amy Robach looks like a really pretty, regular lady from the Midwest IRL, with no makeup on. She has beautiful eyes and lips. Burt Reynolds was cute the first time I saw him; and then scary, post-surgery. Bill Clinton was fat but SUPER friendly and warm when I met him. Owlgore was still cute (but abrasive) when I met him, but boy did his looks go downhill fast. When I met Ronald Reagan a million years ago, he was very kind and warm. Jesse Jackson was a weirdo. There are more, but I would be here all night.


Met plenty(live in L.A.).But I really don't think rockers are going to be swilling champagne,more like Jack.

katyd... katydid620

I met Matt Damon in a parking garage in NYC. Sweetest, nicest man. He was in a rusty, old pick up truck with a friend. He walked past me and my whole family and I was the only one who reognized him  and I (very strangely for me) shouted out his name...I have no idea what came over me??? He was so sweet and ran back over to us and took pictures. :)

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

coolest one I got to met was Ian Grushka (bassist for the band New Found Glory).  It was at Warped Tour and he was signing autographs in the merchandise tent, no security or anything.  I've also met several other bands, singers and voice actors and so many are the coolest you'll ever meet; heck the Japanese ones I've met are always so amazed how popular they are in the U.S. (i frequent anime and pop culture conventions).  I would love the meet Tom Hiddleston, I've heard he's the most sweetest guy ever to his fans.

wamom223 wamom223

My friend just met Bret Michaels when he was in town for a concert.  She told him she was shopping with her son who also has Type 1 Diabetes.  Brett asked if he could spend 5 minutes talking to her son about the disease and of course she said yes.  He then gave them tickets to his show that night because he wanted her son to see what he could do on stage.  I love it when you find out that a celebrity has an awesome side when so much we hear about their bad side (I'm talking to you Kanye West.)

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