First 'Walking Dead' Season 4 Poster Gives Creepy Sneak Peek at New & 'Improved' Zombies (PHOTO)

rickDoesn't it just seem sometimes like your whole sense of well-being -- your very peace of mind -- hangs in the strange balance between spoilers and recaps?? Spoilers and recaps, spoilers and recaps ... Specifically Walking Dead spoilers and recaps. Yep, we're well on our way to season 4 of the Walking Dead, which means we're mid-thigh deep in spoilers already. Right here on The Stir you've read all about a new rumored zombie superpower, Carl's imminent upgrade to full-on sick f*ck, Daryl's new potential love interest, some grumpy old guy named Don, the loss of Rick's right hand (that's right hand, not right hand man, just to be clear), and gawd knows what else. And now we have a BRANDY NEW poster to show you, PLUS a sinister secret to spill! Ready to see the poster?? ARE YA? Here goes ...

the walking deadTADA!! And ... yikes!! Them's some scary undead mofos!! Check out those glowing eyes! Could that be the new superpower?? Glowing night vision goggle-type eyeballs? And, while we're on the subject, why don't more zombies have empty sockets instead of actual eyeballs? Cause that would be really really gross, I guess -- like, too gross for TV. Which is saying a lot. But anyway.

The other secret is this: Michonne, all upset about the whole Andrea dying thing (even as the rest of the world continues to happily dance upon her theoretical grave), will devote herself to hunting down the Governor.

Good luck, eyepatch-y guy! 

Let the official countdown begin! (Again!)

What do you think the new zombie "threat" will be?


Image via AMC

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nonmember avatar dotdotdot

next time have a "spoiler alert" douche bag

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

"Season four sneak peek" is a spoiler alert. No need to be rude to the writer just because you have poor reading comprehension.

Belle... BelleVernonGirl

What exactly was spoiled?  I'm confused....

ZacsA... ZacsAuntie

And what exactly was spoiled? Michone going after the Gov. I saw that coming from a mile away.

ZacsA... ZacsAuntie

Oops, missed a n in Michonne.

ladem... lademambro

Michonne is a badass and I hope she makes the Govenor suffer.

nonmember avatar MKat

I believe the new zombie threat will have to do with the long dead rising. So, dead people that have been buried in cemetaries for years will be reanimated. That would be totally creepy!

nonmember avatar irripsysics

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