Taylor Armstrong's 'Concern' for Brandi Glanville Is Really an Excuse for Some Face Time

taylor armstrongWhen Brandi Glanville got pissed drunk recently and showed the world her thong and nips, and pretended to make out with her book agent, she wasn't the only one who reaped the press benefits. Brandi's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Taylor Armstrong, got in on the action, too. Taylor had faux-concerned words to say about Brandi. But instead of saying it to Brandi's face, like an actual friend would do, she talked to the media.

Taylor told InTouch: "Absolutely I am concerned about [Brandi]. I know what it's like to go through a challenging time and to make decisions that are not necessarily the best thing for you. She and I are not that close for me to be disseminating advice to her, but I know that she probably is not feeling great about things right now and that's a tough place to be."

Okay, I get that it might be weird for Taylor to ring up Brandi and tell her how it is if the two aren't close, but ... if they're not close, why is Taylor talking about Brandi's drunken night to a rag mag? That's weird. And it seems like a really disingenuous form of "advice".

Taylor, you need to be quiet about Brandi's alcohol-induced antics. Sure, it was hilarious and one of the more declasse things we've seen in a while, but come on, girl. Don't talk to the press under the auspice of concern. You're not fooling anyone.

What do you think of this?


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nonmember avatar J

Oh geez. She was asked a simple question and quite frankly gave a pretty classy answer. It's not like she went out to the press to talk about it or anything. They came to her, asked her a question and she handled it pretty well. Is everyone on the Stir a complete drama queen? Way to try to blow a story out of a non-story.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Anything to get people talking

Rebecca Sain

Are you for real?  If the press asked her for her opinion, what do you suppose she was to say?  I think she answered it very well.  Why are you accusing Taylor of running to the press or giving advice of any kind?  The Stir is stirring it up.


Etta Samples-Bredeson

First of ALL there is NOTHING Funny about someones life Spinning out of Control !!! and this Woman obviously has a problem with being able to Handle her Booze !! she doesn't know when to stop AND speaking as someone who use to Bartendar  it is UP to the Establishments and their Bartenders to CUT people off and send them on their way when they are getting too DRUNK !! Not only for their own Good but also for the Establishment and the Bartender's for they are Responsible for said person's safety and everyone's safety ( they can be sued  if anyone gets hurt @ least in the state that I am from that is the law... I personally have cut many people off My self)...It's the responsible thing to do when you see soeone out of Control....Now that I have that off My chest I see Nothing wrong with Taylor answering this question when asked by the press.. She gave a classy answer period....

Cindy Main

Their cast mates and she's being asked a question by the media. What's the big deal?

nonmember avatar Buttercup

Taylor is nuts and so is Brandi . Both have drinking/drug problems and are both parents! They both need to get some help.

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