'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Shares Disgusting Photo of Catherine Giudici We Can't Help but Love

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Catherine GiudiciOMG, you guys. Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are really starting to grow on me. After seeing them all cute and cuddly in the pool over the July 4th holiday with Sean's niece and nephew, I started thinking they might be the real deal.

But then Sean went and posted this pic of Catherine to Instagram complete with the caption, "Movie date night with this hot piece."

And now I think I might sort of have a crush on the two of them and I think we should all be BFFs from here on out. How great is it that they can be this goofy with each other and not have a care in the world what anyone else thinks?

(That's the stuff true love is made of, people.)

I mean, you gotta love a couple who doesn't take themselves too seriously and who can be playful and poke fun at one another like this. 

And if Catherine is the type of girl who can stick her finger in her nose (jokingly, of course), knowing full well that her fiancé is going to take a picture of her and post it on Instagram, then she must be a pretty cool person all around.

During his season of The Bachelor, Sean kept saying how he loved that Catherine has a bit of a dorky side to her, because he's exactly the same way. And based on this new picture, it's obvious he was telling the truth -- and it's pretty clear that these two are way more meant to be than anyone (including me) initially gave them credit for.

Yes, I'm saying I think they just might make it to the altar after all, something I wasn't fully convinced of early on in their relationship. And now that I'm all gung-ho and rooting for them, I fully expect a wedding invitation to arrive sometime in the next couple of months -- otherwise I just might change my mind again. (Wink, wink.)

Do you think Sean and Catherine are perfect for each other?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jag

I do think Sean made the right choice. He really did pick the creme da la creme. He better put a band on her finger quick before she gets away.

Roberta Howard

Absolutely... Cute couple... They need to wed... and I would LOVE and invite.


Phillip M Cole

yes sean and catherine are perfect for each other and god bless people who love each truely!

Kimbyann Kimbyann

I use my pinky for digging

nonmember avatar lee

I totally agree with Jag. And I honestly think Sean and Catherine are truly in love (not just for the cameras, but for real).

Donna Powles

Not any more. I find Sean to be self absorbed, not ready to settle down at all. With neither of them working or that is what it looks like, Sean and Catherine are playing. Catherine is under his unbrella according to the bible, so what are you doing Sean?

Suzanne Sams Nerkins

I guess because of the bachelor past relationships, I wont believe they will get married until i see it. at the finale after rose special catherine said no reason to wait to get married. now they are waiting.

Annabelle Abella

pretty cool ........perfect match!!!!!

nonmember avatar lauren e.

Sorry folks, but Catherine gave it away on the Desiree show - episode 8 - saying that she and Sean were just best friends - that they both just wanted a best friend. Just as I thought, they both wanted their Hollywood air time - period and when that's up - then it's splitsville. Such a shallow twosome they are - so boring and immature. Catherine is no sweetheart -she's a typical Asian female backstabbing "B."

Heidi Adele Macfarlan Johnson

Wow, Lauren E.  I'm not Asian (but I was a Diversity Trainer in my Human Resources management days), but I can't believe u played that card!!  Not too much of a racist, eh?

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